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Kanye West

Grilled About Hating Paparazzi

More than Nazis

8/7/2014 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kanye West Hates Paparazzi More Than NazisKanye West was determined to explain under oath why he thinks the paparazzi are worse than the Nazis ... but his panicked lawyer muzzled him.

TMZ has a copy of Kanye's deposition in the lawsuit filed against him by a paparazzo whom he attacked at LAX.  

Nate Goldberg -- the lawyer for the photog -- is asking Kanye about a verse from his song, "Flashing Lights" ... rapping about paparazzi and saying, "I hate these n***as more than a Nazi."

Goldberg asks Kanye, "So why did you say that you hate the paparazzi more than the Nazis?"

Kanye responds, "'Cause that's what I wanted to say in that song."

Goldberg:  "Well, you understood that the Nazis killed --"

At that point, Kanye's lawyer, a panicked Shawn Holley, interrupts, "Oh my gosh!"

Goldberg:  "-- six million Jews."

Holley:  "It's really been a long day and we should probably" (she's about to say recess)

Goldberg:  "Well I'm not finished."

Goldberg then goes on to explain how it's "legitimate" for him to ask about the song because it shows Kanye's hatred for paparazzi.

Kanye then gets pissed that Goldberg quoted the "n" word from his song, saying, "But not legitimate to say n***a ... ever ... ever."

Holley successfully prevents Kanye from giving a full answer.   

Bullet dodged.



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Then he should stop his wife and her family from living off their attention and selling themselves by them.

77 days ago


Alrighty then...

77 days ago


Dodged a bullet. Again. And the guy us from the murder capitol of stray bullets....Chicago... go figure... How lucky can one be??

77 days ago

Kev the Realist    

He actually may be retarded. It comes as no shock to me the level of his stupidity. He is a sociopath and should be considered dangerous, as well as one of the dumbest people on the planet. It is only a matter of time before he is locked up... then he will be where he belongs...

77 days ago


Kanye should just shut up, he said his Lawyer is Nothing more than Trash that Represents S*** Bags. Shawn Holley knows nothing about Nazi. Shawn and Kanye should do great in Court, and give the Photog Millions of dollars.

77 days ago


How often do you think Shawn Holley looks at her clients and thinks " you've gotta be f'n kidding me, you moron". I'm betting 100 times a least.

77 days ago


And this hater thinks he's so "smart." Go jump in an oven, creep.

77 days ago

I steal pets    

Rhyming Paparazzi with Nazi is just lazy writing. Not to mention hyperbole in the absolute most tacky definition, as the lawyer pointed out. Six million jews were killed by one group and one group made six million dollars by taking a picture of Kim's wide load.

77 days ago


If it weren't for the papz kim wouldn't have a career.

77 days ago

Zombie Whitney Houston    

He's such a moron.
He can put the n-word in his crappy "music" but you literally can't repeat the lyrics unless you're black too.
How about trying to actually be creative and not go putting words in your awful "music" that only one race is allowed to repeat, idiot.
He's such an angry closeted homosexual. Maybe if he just came out to the world he'd calm the f*** down. You're not fooling anybody.

77 days ago
11. Booboo.....stick ya head in doodoo    

Why is she quoting lines of his song..someone could hv written it for him. And why is she offended that he imply nazis are negative...shes not german.....shes jewish

77 days ago


You married someone who calls the paparazzi to alert them every time she's going to wipe her azz so they could get pics, good job idiot

77 days ago


Honestly, I cannot mention one song of this goof. Goof? Yes, because someone performing with some mask who calls himself yeesus (or whatever) is a goof to me. Then there is his use of the "n" word in his song(s). I am damn sure my grandfather and father would call West a n***a. Mind you, they were even blacker than West and did not mind being called a negro.

77 days ago


So ironic how he hates the paps and his wife can't live without the fame and the attention...

77 days ago

Just Be    

This lowlife is always trying to provoke with headlines exactly like his botched dwarfy attention seeker wife, he wouldn't have married her if he has a real problem with the paparazzi.

77 days ago
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