Pap to Kanye I'm Taking Your Ass to Trial

3/19/2014 9:50 AM PDT

Pap to Kanye West -- I'm Taking Your Ass to Trial


Kanye West
isn't out of the woods after striking a plea deal in the criminal case stemming from his photog attack last summer -- he's still facing a nasty civil lawsuit ... and we're told the pap is determined to take the rapper to trial.

Normally in civil situations involving celebs -- car accidents, fights, property damage, whatever -- the victim settles for a quick payday in exchange for dropping their lawsuit ... but not this time.

Sources close to photog Daniel Ramos -- who sued Yeezy for assault and battery after the LAX incident -- tell TMZ, Ramos is so confident in his case, he's refusing to settle for any amount of money ... he wants to go the whole nine with Kanye and bring his ass to court.

We're told a trial date has already been set in the case and Ramos is going full steam ahead -- no sign anywhere of a settlement agreement.

And get this -- we're told Ramos' attorney Gloria Allred has already sent Kanye notice for a deposition ... and you thought Lil Wayne and Justin Bieber were good.