'Ray Donovan' Star Sues I Was Duped Into Buying A Leaky Money Pit

8/10/2014 12:35 AM PDT

"Ray Donovan" star Pooch Hall says he was tricked into buying a badly damaged home -- claiming the sellers hid the problems with Mickey Mouse repairs.
Hall says in a new lawsuit ...he purchased the Sherman Oaks house in 2011 for $820K. 

Hall claims almost immediately after moving in ... he discovered parts of the guest house were crumbling from water damage.  He accuses the sellers of making "band-aid" repairs to the sheetrock ... and he believes it was to all premeditated to hide the problem.

Hall purchased the house in a foreclosure sale and says Goldman Sachs and Coldwell Banker and others were all in on the alleged fraud.

Hall claims it will cost at least $100K to repair the damage.

We've reached out to the agent who sold the house ... so far no response.