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Justin Bieber

Cops Plea Deal

In Miami DUI

8/13/2014 3:41 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Justin Bieber has struck a plea deal in his Miami Beach DUI case in which he will agree to anger management but dodge a drunk driving bullet.

TMZ has learned ... prosecutors will allow Bieber to plead guilty to careless driving and resisting an officer without violence.

Bieber will have to attend a 12-hour anger management courses and has agreed to a $50,000 charitable donation.  

Sources tell TMZ ... Bieber's lawyer, Roy Black, had one big concern ... that Bieber NOT be placed on probation, for fear he'd go to jail if he violated even a minor law ... something you can count on with the Biebs.

It's not a surprise prosecutors accepted a lesser plea. There were big problems with the case. It appears the cop lied when he said JB was drag racing and that police could smell alcohol when he hadn't been drinking.

This is Bieber's second plea deal. He pled no contest to misdemeanor vandalism in the egging case, was placed on 2 years probation, 5 days labor, ordered to pay his neighbor $80,900 and he was ordered to attend anger management classes.

If Bieber keeps going, he'll get a PhD in anger management.



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I just wanted to comment    

You hear that noise? That's the sound of Justin Bieber skating through the justice system yet again

68 days ago

Deborah Ffrench    

Bieber is $50,000 poorer. Sure, he’s got millions but still.

There was no drag racing and police clearly lied about the extent of Bieber’s inebriation.

For those winging about “what do the poor do.” For starters they can get up off their behind and work from the age of 14 as the Biebs did.

Then, they can donate millions to charity and watch as minor teenage infractions that millions of US citizens get caught up in get milked into full-scale murder one so the media can gets its pound of flesh --- and more.

Chris Pine had a DUI this year. Don’t see none of y’all fretting about that.

68 days ago


Darn you Florida. You let murderers go on a regular basis, but you couldn't do this for America? YOU SUCK!

68 days ago


suicide is worse than racism is right now...this kid is on the wrong path with a chance to be something....i hope...but seriously his music talent sucks....he needs to wake up and use his powr for something positive.

68 days ago


WTF! C'mon already! Enough is enough! Somebody please 'Mark David Chapman' this useless, no-talent, undeserving of his fortune, piece of shhhhit!

68 days ago


He looks more DERANGED every time I see this Moron....,looks like he all ate up off MOLLY..

68 days ago

The Maharincess of Franistan    

He should be deported.

68 days ago


Keep building that criminal record Justin. I was pleased that he was arrested. Seeing him cuffed and in a jail setting was great. He'll get in trouble again, just a matter of time.

68 days ago
9. Booboo.....stick ya head in doodoo    

Predictable outcome...vanilla is privilege...chocolate, not so much

68 days ago

Old School Reality    

I guess we couldnt have been lucky enough to go 2 days without news of this little bitch...TMZ needed the money
Que in a Kardashian news flash at any moment

68 days ago


Once again money talks...loudly! Donate $50,000 and we will just slap you on the wrist. And as for the DUI charge he might not have been drinking but he admitted to smoking pot all night, which is illegal to do when driving.

68 days ago

its me    

didnt he get probation for the egg case? so why say he didnt want probation in fear he would violate?

68 days ago


Was kinda hoping this one hit wonder would have already sick of looking at this *****s face!

68 days ago


He will be an after thought soon. Being a **** up is the only thing keeping him in the news

68 days ago


I don't understand, if the cops lied and it was proven they lied. Why didn't the whole thing get thrown out of court and the charges dismissed. I would have NEVER in a million years if this had been me agree and accept what he did. I would have fought the charges period. Lying cops have no place on a police force, did anything happen to the cops that lied? If not something should have. I'm not defending Bieber, he's a little idiot, what I'm defending is truth. If the cops lied about Bieber who has the cash to fight, what about the little guy out there that the cops just frame and get away with it?

68 days ago
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