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War Machine

Victim Starred in Crime-Riddled Reality Show

8/13/2014 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Corey Thomas -- the guy War Machine beat up before attacking Christy Mack -- has the distinction of being on a reality show riddled with tales of violent crime -- including murder.

Corey -- who made a fortune in web design -- was one of the stars of VH1's "Megan Wants a Millionaire." You may recall his co-star Ryan Jenkins hanged himself in 2009 ... days after killing his wife, cutting her up, and stuffing her in a suitcase which he deposited in a dumpster.

Corey's now got his own problems ... a broken nose and 2 black eyes. War Machine allegedly also bit him on the face.

As bad off as he is ... it pales in comparison to his porn star girlfriend Christy, who's in the hospital with 18 broken bones and a ruptured liver.

War Machine is still on the run with 7 warrants out for his arrest.



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Finally the second victim is revealed! Thanks Tmz..

70 days ago


you no whats upsetting to me is this fund she has going, i too was a victim of abuse and i thank my lucky stars i escaped with my life .. barely but no one would give me a hundred thousand dollars for my bills and such. No one knows what really went on and there is nothing that can excuse what happened to christy, I just know there are two sides to every story she even said in a resent post on TMZ if he kills me one day ill deserve it. The Koppenhavers are person family friends and i know jon and hes sick in the head he has serious mental issues and im not saying that in a way like haha he truly is sick and i personally seen her egg him on still he didnt need to take it that far and thats why IF PROVEN GUILTY he should be punished. People need to conceder that mental illness is no joke it can effect you in so many ways and those are the people that really need the help! so before i get bashed i just want to say its wrong what happened no reason to be beat like that but there had to be a provoking factor ( which this individual is veryyyy good at) and i think its wrong that shes taking all this money from the public when she has money for a fact she should be donating it to a local battered womens shelter or to a mental health clinic. Jon MIGHT have done something bad the truth will come out but i just want the world to know he isnt that bad of a person hes just sick.

70 days ago


Why didn't this guy call the police? The story I read says the boyfriend got away. And that christy had to run naked and beaten to a neighbors. My boyfriend would die before he let someone do that to me. And he would run and call the police even if it was a stranger. This story is getting fishier and fishier. It is awful what he did to her though. But I think at least some of it could have been prevented

70 days ago


Please quit calling her the victim. She screwed up big-time and he did the worst possible of all wrong things to respond to what she did.

70 days ago

Cranberry Bauce    

War Machine. The name says all you need to know about this guy.

70 days ago

Second Opinion    

I wonder if Chris Brown considers this porn.

70 days ago


Ok TMZ enough on this subject. Y'all is given this more attention than it needs. Their all idiots that share drugs and STD's. Nuff said. Move on.

70 days ago

Ryuga the Dragon Emperor    

He deserves to be beaten up.

70 days ago


Violence is not acceptable in any form. Although I too wonder why the boyfriend didn't call the police when he got away or go to a neighbors house to have them call. Also who let him man in the house is another puzzling factor? or did he break in? Regardless of how reckless she was or if she "provoked" him it still does not excuse the fact that he should not have beat her like this. He knew she was a ho when he was with her. So what in the world makes him think she would change. They need to lock his ass up and let someone beat the crap out of his sorry ass.

70 days ago



70 days ago


chris brown did not beat rihanna like this dude did to her , rihanna went to a video shoot the next day , this girl went to the hospital but of course you people gonna still say chris brown did worse cause he's black

70 days ago


This guy not getting the cops there means she saw 2 losers in a row. Girl seeing a "bad boy" ends up in a horrible situation. Shock!! Wake up ladies. It's not that hard to weed out the violently inclined.

70 days ago


I wish TMZ would stop referring to her as his porn star girlfriend. I doubt they would be calling her his optician girlfriend, if that was her profession. What she does professionally isn't really part of the story, TMZ made it part of the story.

70 days ago


Meagan had a house full of sociopaths. That show was hilarious though. I'm sad it was cancelled

70 days ago


Quit complaining, old azz dog the geriatric bounty hunter is on it. He's gonna use stool softener to coax war machine out. It's dogs secret power

70 days ago
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