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Michelle Duggar

Transgender People Should Not Get Choice of Restrooms

8/19/2014 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michelle Duggar Anti TransgenderMichelle Duggar is convinced ... child predators are aiming to use the cover of being a transgender to hurt children ... and she's determined to stop them in their tracks.

The "19 Kids and Counting" star is on the warpath against a proposed Arkansas law that would allow transgender people to use either the men's or women's bathroom -- whichever they feel suits them best.

Duggar thinks convicted male child molesters will have a field day if the law passes ... simply dressing up like a woman and perving out in girls restrooms.  

She doesn't want her 9 girls subjected to men leering at them in their private space -- so she's voiced a robocall to AR voters urging them to vote no ... and it's fascinating.


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What she says is true. We don't want men using women's restrooms. So what's the issue?

28 days ago

Bossy Potato    

What a psycho. She seriously is messed in the head. Fcuk her.

28 days ago


I agree 100%. When did transgender get rights? REALLY!!!

28 days ago


Misguided woman...Sit your ass down somewhere!

28 days ago


To the three replies to my OPINION (which is a TOTAL RIGHT as an AMERICAN) regarding Michelle's case. Men are born men. Women are born women. When they choose to change their sex it's a lifetime mindset, I understand that. And! I have no business telling another human being on how they live their life. But if MY DAUGHTER entered a bathroom with a woman turned MAN I do have major issues with the PERVS who use this "opportunity" to molest or lear at my daughter to get their kicks off. Im NOT saying they are PERVS, I'm saying some might be and I am NOT willing to take this chance. Get your own restrooms to enter. If you don't like our me bitch all you like but to YOU..I AM MISS BITCH..don't forget it.

28 days ago


And I'm done explaining myself to the IGNORANCE of this world. You want things YOUR WAY all the time..SO MAKE YOUR OWN WAY. We all did. SHUT UP and work for we all had to. GET YOUR OWN FREAKKEN RESTROOMS. Signed: Miss Bitch

28 days ago


This woman treated her ***** like a clown car and now she wants to worry about what other people do with their crotches? No dice.

28 days ago


What woman would be comfortable with a man dressed as a woman in the same restroom as her??? I would be scared as he'll if I saw that.

28 days ago


Says the woman with a with a p*ssy so loose it slaps as she walks, trash whore!

28 days ago


why would we listen to this woman?...

28 days ago


So if I were to dress like a lion could I go live at a zoo because in my heart I feel like a lion? Of course not that's absurd right? If you have a penis your still a man even if you cake on the makeup and shove tub socks in your shirt... get over it and go stick your pole in a hole and use the men's room

28 days ago


Her and her equally creepy husband give off a pedophile vibe to me. I'd be more worried about my kids being around any one from their whack-a-coo family than any man in a dress...

28 days ago


If Michelle had a brain she'd play with it.

28 days ago


A) When it comes to the majority of pedo, hebophiles, yes they are male but they also go after little boys. So men sharing a bathroom is also "dangerous" B) Women have separate stalls in public bathrooms, if any one is caught peeking no matter who you are you'll get screwed. A Transgender person not being able to pick a bathroom because of possibility of creepers. hey, let's not take our kids to the swimming pool ever again...

28 days ago

Morton Lipshitz    

Now ,V. Stiviano can pull its PENIS out of ITS pants to pee in the ladies room without causing a scene.

28 days ago
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