Walmart Heiress' Hubby Screw Saving Money I Want to Live Better!

8/19/2014 12:40 AM PDT

Walmart heiress Paige Laurie Dubbert is in a Catch 22 -- she's fighting her husband's bid in divorce court for half her fortune, but the longer she fights him ... the more she'll have to pay.

Patrick Dubbert is trying to invalidate their prenup ... claiming he was defrauded.  He says Paige's lawyer went around his lawyer's back and contacted him directly, promising a "side deal" if he signed the prenup.  

Now here's the problem. If the prenup is invalidated, Patrick can get half of what Paige earned for the 6 years of their marriage -- A FORTUNE.

Paige is waging legal war to enforce the prenup, which gives Patrick a fat $30,000 a month check for half the amount of time they were married -- right now that would be 3 years. But the longer the divorce drags on, the longer she'll have to pay him $30K a month.

In other words, RPP.