Walmart Heiress' Ex She's a Cheater ... Divorce Is a Cover Up!

5/21/2014 7:14 AM PDT

Walmart Heiress' Ex: Divorce Is a Cover-Up -- She's a Cheater!


10:35 AM PT -- Paige's peeps are calling Patrick's allegation of infidelity ... fabricated, baseless, pathetic and desperate -- and claim he's only trying to "grab as much money as possible."

 Walmart heiress Paige Laurie Dubbert's ex is slamming back at her, calling her a cheater who is using the divorce and a B.S. lawsuit to distract attention away from an affair, TMZ has learned.

Patrick Bode Dubbert says he accused Paige of cheating last year -- according to new legal docs obtained by TMZ -- and then Paige filed for divorce on Mar. 7 ... and also sued Patrick for ripping her off through a business he was running out of Malibu.

Paige claimed Patrick was paying himself $250K a year plus $70K/month in contracting fees for him and his buddy. 

In his docs, Patrick says his biz is legit ... and  Paige's accusation is simply a smokescreen to deflect attention from the failed marriage, and "spin an image of Paige to the media as a victim." 

And Patrick adds ... she's got enough of mommy's Walmart fortune to do just that.