'Roseanne' Star Typical Hollywood Divorce She Gets The Tractor

5/19/2014 12:35 AM PDT

'Roseanne' Star Laurie Metcalf -- Typical Hollywood Divorce -- She Gets The Tractor

Laurie Metcalf's life is looking less "Roseanne" and more "Green Acres" these days -- TMZ has learned she's snatching up some farmland and a tractor in her divorce. Yee-haw!

Metcalf's divorce from actor Matt Roth became final on Wednesday. It's been a long, slow process -- they separated in 2008 -- after 3 years of marriage -- but Roth didn't file for divorce until 2011.

According to the docs Roth will continue to live in their L.A. home -- and Metcalf gets a country house in Idaho ... along with a couple of snowmobiles, a camper and a tractor.

Overall, the split seems pretty amicable. They've agreed to share physical and legal custody of their two kids. Metcalf doesn't want any child support ... as long as Roth pays the mortgage on the L.A. house.

Remember, Laurie ... it was good enough for Eva Gabor.