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'Big Brother 16'

Frankie Grande Offends Contestant's Family

With 'Rape Joke'

8/31/2014 9:28 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

083114_frankie_grande_launch_v2The family of "Big Brother 16" houseguest Victoria Rafaeli is fuming mad over a joke Frankie Grande made about 2 guys teaming up to take Victoria's virginity ... and they want apologies from him AND his sister Ariana.

During the livestream on Saturday, Grande told two male houseguests they should "double team" Victoria and "take all her virginities." He then made a bunch of extremely sexual gestures. Just watch the video. 

Victoria's mother, Lizabeth, tells TMZ she definitely took Frankie's comments to be a "rape joke" and feels her daughter is now a "target for rape" because producers did nothing to stop Frankie's rant.

Lizabeth wants an apology from Frankie's parents and Ariana Grande... and she wants Frankie to apologize to her daughter.

She tells TMZ, “I want Frankie to imagine people saying this stuff about his sister and see if he thinks it's funny.”


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Unbroken Chain    

Cant believe they haven't sent him home. I figured they would have by now. Just shows that it is rigged.

16 days ago


39% of people think that's funny and no big deal? How about you all go through rape and see how funny it is afterwards.

16 days ago


Delete my comment? I'll say it again...Dumb f@g should get shot STUPID HOMO!! And another thing he loves to throw his sister's name around as if she's royalty or something he needs to calm the fu*k down she's the one with the talent not him stupid idiot

16 days ago


Frankie is a tool and his comment was highly inappropriate but he wasn't talking about raping her.

16 days ago


Apology from Ariana ???? What the F? Lame family! Just like a US import... Can't take a gay white mans joke!!! It's the US... Get used to it... We HAD to let you through the gates didn't we? Welcome to the comedy club called AMERICA! It's TV and they are cooped up in there STIR F'N CRAZY!! Get over it

16 days ago


Scripted nonsense for a fading property

16 days ago


He does need to apologize and took out of the game just like any other person would have if they had said it. Don't think his sister has any need to not sure why they brought her in to it

16 days ago


Wow, all of them in that room are sick to have even laughed. That is gross. This is Ariana's brother?

Why would any of them even think this is funny or why would their minds even talk about something so disturbing.

ANYONE implying sexually assaulting someone has a disturbed and sexually deviant mind to even say something like this. The one guy who said he would make her bleed all over that is disgusting. I hope all of their families are ashamed . SICK individuals.

16 days ago


Frankiestein has let his sisters fame go to his head. He is going to be so surprised when the show is over and sees how people really dislike him

16 days ago


Omg really ?? It was a joke get over it obviously she isn't a target for rape, give me a break. And an apology from Ariana ???? Why because she's famous ??? If she wasn't famous would they want an apology from his sister ?

16 days ago


if a straight dude said that he would be crucified but cbs loves ***s so it won even make the episode

16 days ago


Arianna should not have to apologize at all! And seems like Victorias family now wants there 10sec of fame as well! Frankie was just joking with them! As a rape victim myself I took it as a joke! They were all laughing and joking with Frankie when he said it!

16 days ago


Frankie apologize, yes. BUT NOT HIS FAMILY & SISTER!!! Frankie is a grown man responsible for his actions. His family is NOT responsible for what he says & does!!!

16 days ago


Lighten up people- he did not even start the joke and the entire house was in on it- and they were all laughing histarically - it was CLEARLY intended as a joke - with no bad intentions - and just to be funny- so I would say.... lighten up - give him a break... We have all said a joke trying to be funny that went a little too far; doesn't make him s*** of the earth- just makes him human!!! :-)

16 days ago


I don't know witch is Most disgusting? Arianna Grande's brother Making Rape Jokes, the Producers who let it go for Ratings, or a Police officer who thinks Gang Rape is funny.

16 days ago
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