Maxine Jones I Gotta Have 'En Vogue' Again 'Cause I'm Broke As a Joke

9/20/2014 3:19 PM PDT
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Singer Maxine Jones -- who was kicked out of En Vogue two years ago -- is blaming her old band mates for her massive debt and bankruptcy.

Jones was ordered by a judge last year to stop using the En Vogue name ... which led to her filing for bankruptcy. She said she was over $100K in the red.

In her bankruptcy docs, Jones listed her debts -- including  $212K for her house, $22K in CA taxes, $17K in lawyers' fees ... and $539 to Victoria's Secret -- because a girl's still gotta look good.

Jones said she brings in about $3,473 a month -- but not enough to cover her monthly expenses. 

So now Jones has gone back to court ... she's filed an appeal -- asking a judge to let her use the En Vogue name again ... so she can book gigs and pay off some of her debts.