Master P Rapper Becomes Law Firm Pitchman Make 'Em Say Uhhhh-bject!

9/25/2014 12:26 PM PDT

You get run over by a tractor?  Beaten at the bar?  Butchered at the beauty salon?  Well Master P will hook you up with the right lawyers.

For some inexplicable reason, the legendary rapper has become the TV pitchman for the law firm of Winton & Hiestand Law Group ... a personal injury firm in Louisville, Kentucky.  

Chauncey Hiestand tells TMZ ... he and P became friends after Hurricane Katrina.  P is from New Orleans, and lots of people from his hometown moved to Kentucky afterward.

Hiestand says Master P's pitch was a gesture of appreciation.

The spot sounds genuine ... until then end, when P drops his trademark "Uhhh."

It's actually hilarious and somewhat awesome.