Master P Loses Custody of Kids

6/9/2014 9:46 AM PDT

Master P LOSES Custody of Kids ... He Didn't Bother To Show Up In Court


Master P just lost custody of his 4 kids ... because he didn't bother showing up in court.

Sonya Miller was just awarded sole physical and legal custody of 13-year-old Hercy, 9-year-old Mercy, 17-year-old Tytyana and 14-year-old Italy.

The divorce battle has become epic, with Sonya claiming she's been left destitute even though the couple amassed a $200 million fortune.  Master P claims he won't enable his wife with money until she gets off drugs and booze.

Master P didn't respond to Sonya's legal docs, so Monday morning the judge came down on him with a vengeance.

Master P was required to pay Sonya's $75K legal bill, which includes sanctions for not showing up.