Frank Ocean Screwed Out of Name Change After Extreme Speeding

11/10/2014 12:30 AM PST

Frank Ocean
is never gonna be the man he wants to be until he deals with the laundry list of tickets he's racked up in L.A.

Here's the deal ... Frank's real name is Christopher Breaux (who knew?) -- but back on March 7th he applied to legally change to his stage name. Only problem is he had one hell of a summer on the road.

Frank ... or rather, Chris ... got 3 tickets in 3 months: Expired insurance in June, driving with his headlights off in July, and the coup de grace -- going 31 mph over the speed limit in August!

His license has been suspended a couple of times for skipping court dates -- so the judge denied the name change request until he cleans up his driving record. Once that's done, he'll have to reapply. 

So, for now ... drive carefully, Chris.