Frank Ocean Dad Sues Russell Simmons For $142,000,000

9/14/2014 12:10 AM PDT

Frank Ocean -- My Dad's Suing Russell Simmons ... For $142,000,000


Frank Ocean
's father just slapped hip hop mogul Russell Simmons with a $142 million lawsuit for calling him a deadbeat dad. 

Calvin Cooksey -- who hasn't been part of Ocean's life since his son was 5 -- says he's been unfairly portrayed as a horrible father on Simmons' website, Global Grind.

In his lawsuit, Cooksey goes on the attack -- saying he wasn't allowed to be a father to Frank because his "Money Grubbing mother" moved, and hid the boy from him.   

Cooksey says Simmons published lies about him without checking facts -- and worst of all ... never bothered to use his actual name in the posts about Ocean's father.  Translation: at least defame me by using my proper name!

Cooksey is suing for loss of future income -- he describes himself as a singer, writer and inventor -- and thinks the $142 million should just about cover it.

We reached out to Russell, but no word back yet.