Boyfriend of 'Mob Wives' Star I Can't Look at Myself in the Mirror ... After Stabbing Incident

1/14/2015 6:36 AM PST

London Rene is healing on both the inside and outside following the stabbing/slashing attack last month ... but he refuses to even look in the mirror to see how his scars are healing. 

Rene and his "Mob Wives" star girlfriend Natalie Guercio were out in New York City Tuesday night, where he explained to our photog he still has a long road of recovery ahead of him.  

Rene says he has yet to return to work or exercise and says he has never (and will never) look at the photos of his gruesome injuries. In fact, Rene says he even avoids mirrors now because he doesn't want to see how he looks.  

But above all else, Rene wants to heal up so he can go back to enjoying one particular activity. Considering he's a male ... we think you can guess what it is.