Ellen Page Help! A Delusional Man's Living in My Carport

2/6/2015 10:05 AM PST

Ellen Page is a frightened homeowner ... after finding out a delusional man moved into her carport and turned it into a bachelor's flop house -- and now she needs protection. 

Page and her lawyers ran to court after police arrested the stranger she says was crashing in her carport. She says the man -- Jordan Dillard -- made himself cozy with all the necessities: bedding, a cell phone, a laptop, iPod, a pot pipe, and for some reason ... one PlayStation game controller.

We're told Ellen was out of town when Dillard set up camp.

She claims she wasn't aware he was living large by her car until Tuesday ... when Dillard repeatedly knocked on her windows and tried to bust in through her front door. Page says Dillard told police ... she's a "nice" person who wouldn't mind him squatting on her property.

Dillard pled no contest to a trespassing charge and a judge ordered him to stay 100-yards away.