Suge Knight Not the First Time He Plowed Through Crowd in SUV

3/10/2015 1:00 AM PDT

Suge Knight got into a fight with a guy and then roared out of a parking lot, striking a man ... and this ISN'T the Tam's parking lot fatal hit and run -- it's ANOTHER incident that could have prosecutors in his murder case licking their chops.

We shot the video in December 2012, when Suge and Katt Williams were leaving a Hollywood nightclub. Katt got into it with another clubgoer and Suge came over to give Katt some backup, throwing punches ... one of which connected in a big way.

Suge then gets in the driver's seat of his SUV with Katt riding in the back. A large crowd gathers around the SUV and a frustrated/angry Suge then punches it, striking at least one person before screeching away.

Prosecutors could try to use this video in the murder case, to show an MO -- when Suge gets mad behind the wheel, he turns his car into a weapon. And, if he strikes someone, he simply hits and runs.