'Bling Ring' Ex-Con Nick Prugo Arrested Again ... Allegedly Tried to Hire Rapist

9/22/2015 4:30 PM PDT
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Nick Prugo -- the guy who masterminded the Hollywood "Bling Ring" -- got busted for another nefarious plot ... this time he allegedly tried to hire someone to rape his longtime nemesis.

Prugo was arrested and charged with solicitation to commit sexual assault, as well as 3 counts of stalking. Prugo's friend, Edward Feinstein, was also taken into custody and charged with the same crimes.

The D.A. says Prugo and Feinstein posted an online ad in January 2014 ... looking to hire men to go to Dawn Daluise's home and rape her. Prugo has a sordid history with Daluise.

She's an esthetician who was also arrested for trying to hire someone to murder a rival skin care shop owner last year. When she got busted she told cops Prugo violated his parole by going out of state ... and he ended up going back to jail briefly. 

Prugo will be arraigned on Wednesday for the rapist-for-hire plot. Prosecutors want his bail set at $485k.