Wiz Khalifa New BFF is Young, Wild and Free ... Furry Too!

2/19/2016 1:22 PM PST

Wiz Khalifa is all about bullies -- he's expanding his fur fam with a rare mini English Bulldog named Max.

A rep for SD Bullies -- a popular Bulldog rescuer and breeder -- tells us Wiz hit them up to find a little bro for his 3-year-old Bulldog, Vincent.

Max just met Wiz and he's already living the high life. The 12-week-old pup was privately chauffeured on Thursday from San Diego to L.A.

SD Bullies wouldn't say how much Wiz shelled out, but rare, exotic breeds are their specialty. Translation: Max did NOT come cheap. We're told a similar dog could fetch $10-20k.