Da Band Singer Sara Stokes BET Played Bait and Switch with My Life

2/25/2016 12:20 AM PST

BET Networks tarnished the image of an incarcerated husband beater and the former inmate is now gearing up to sue the network.

Sara Stokes claims a production company approached her while she sat in the Saint Clair County Jail in Michigan and convinced her she could re-write her narrative by appearing on a new reality show produced by Queen Latifah, "From the Bottom Up."

Stokes says, all the promises of showing her in a positive light never materialized. In fact, she says she was trashed on the show, which referred to her as a "man beater."

Stokes' legal team plans to sue BET for damaging Sara's image for its own commercial gain.

We reached out to BET for comment ... no word back.