Michael Jackson Estate Goes After Popcorn Website ... You're Not the King of Pop!

2/26/2016 9:05 AM PST

Nobody calls popcorn "pop" ... is the basis of a lawsuit the Michael Jackson estate has filed against a website using MJ's name to hawk popcorn.

MJ's estate has set its sights on KingOfPop.com ... a website that popped up in 2012 after buying the domain name of a former Michael Jackson fan website. 

The estate claims the site tried to defend its use of the popular MJ moniker by saying the word "pop" is a "nickname for popcorn products." The estate says that's BS because "pop" is only a nickname for soda ... in certain parts of the country. 

Team MJ is suing to get the site shut down, plus damages. Shoulda gone for a couple tins of Chocolate Dreams Popcorn too. Yummm ...