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UFC's Tony Ferguson I'll Smash Khabib ... Then Conor McNuggets!

1/19/2018 2:52 PM PST
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UFC interim lightweight champ Tony Ferguson says he's not worried about Conor McGregor's championship status ... promising he'll destroy "McNuggets" after beating Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Tony and Khabib faced off at the UFC 222 & 223 news conference in Boston -- where Khabib promised to break Tony's arm when they face off in the Octagon on April 7. 

Dana White was asked several times if he will be stripping Conor of the lightweight title he won by defeating Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205 ... but White isn't saying. 

Tony and Khabib don't seem to care too much -- winner gets Conor and a huuuuuuge payday.  

UFC's 1st 'Superfight' Belt Hits Auction Block ... Gracie vs. Shamrock!!!

1/19/2018 7:05 AM PST

Great news for rich UFC fans -- the iconic "superfight" belt from UFC 5 is about to hit the auction block ... and you can add it to your mantel if you're willing to drop a small fortune!  

Backstory -- UFC legends Royce Gracie and Ken Shamrock threw down to crown the company's first ever superfight champ back in '95 ... but their 36-MINUTE bout was declared a draw, so neither of 'em took home the gold.

Now, Goldin Auctions -- consigning the strap for a collector who got it from UFC co-founder Art Davie -- is bringing it to a bid ... and expects it to go for $25k-$100k (if not more).

G.A.'s founder Ken Goldin tells TMZ Sports -- "It's the most significant UFC item ever to be auctioned" ... so expect a lot of action before bidding ends on Feb. 17.

WWE's Alexa Bliss Hey, Ronda Rousey ... BRING IT!

1/19/2018 12:30 AM PST

WWE Raw women's champ Alexa Bliss ain't sweatin' Ronda Rousey -- in fact, she's got a message for the UFC legend ... "I'm not worried."

TMZ Sports broke the story ... Ronda recently had dinner with Triple H and it seems like a deal to bring her to the WWE is imminent. 

So, when we saw Bliss at LAX, we had to ask if she was scared Ronda would be coming for her belt

"Please, I'm a fighting champion," Bliss said ... "I'm not worried about anybody taking my belt."

As for the rumors Rousey could make her debut in the first ever women's Royal Rumble match -- Alexa addresses those, too. 

UFC's Cody Garbrandt 'I'd Rip Van Damme's F'ing Head Off' ... in a Real Fight

1/18/2018 11:07 AM PST

UFC star Cody Garbrandt says him and Jean-Claude Van Damme are totally cool ... but if they ever fought for real, he would straight-up DECAPITATE the Muscles from Brussels.

"I'd rip his f**king head off ... is that really a question??" Cody told TMZ Sports at the premiere of JCVD's "Kickboxer: Retaliation" event at TAO in Hollywood.

You might remember ... a few months back, JCVD accidentally kicked Cody in the mouth during a light sparring sesh -- a move that had Garbrandt seeing red. 

But Garbrandt says Jean-Claude felt so bad he actually started crying ... and now they're bros again.

For Van Damme's sake -- we're glad.

UFC's Uriah Hall I Had a 'Slight Heart Attack' ... 'Mini-Seizure'

1/18/2018 9:13 AM PST
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UFC fighter Uriah Hall says he suffered a "slight heart attack" and "mini-seizure" the day before his fight with Vitor Belfort at UFC Fight Night: St Louis ... and doctors told him he's lucky to be alive. 

"The doctor even said that even if I had made weight I probably would have died the next day because my body just wasn’t having it," Uriah said in an Instagram Live video.

Hall says his health scares were due to an injury that hindered his weight cut ... and he's refuting Dana White's claim that he was partying in L.A. -- insisting he was taking his training 100% serious.

The day before the event, the former 'TUF' finalist fainted on his way to the scale and was transported to a local hospital.

UFC star Paige VanZant witnessed the incident and called it the "scariest thing I have ever seen." 

Jermaine O'Neal When I Played in NBA ... Locker Room Fights Were Real

1/18/2018 8:37 AM PST

It ain't too often you see off-court action like Rockets vs. Clippers ... but Jermaine O'Neal says when he balled, some players would make it a point to meet in the locker room.

"We've had a couple guys in the past that will make it known that if you camera talkers then we'll see you in the back," O'Neal told TMZ Sports. "Things a little bit different now."

Jermaine -- who was in the infamous "Malice at the Palace" brawl -- says players still gotta be careful what they say, and more importantly, WHO they say it to ... but clearly thinks his era was tougher.

No disagreements here.

Bonus: We also got Tracy McGrady to weigh in on Rockets-Clippers, and he told us why he's A-Ok with (most of) what went down.

Danilo Gallinari to NBA: Stop Fighting!! ... Trust My Broken Hand!

1/18/2018 6:49 AM PST

NBA players need to stop throwing punches and start shaking hands ... so says the guy who knows firsthand what can happen when you get in a fight on the court.

TMZ Sports spoke with L.A. Clippers star Danilo Gallinari ... who broke his hand throwing a punch in an exhibition in Italy this past off-season. He was also present when the Clips got in a scuffle with the Rockets earlier this week.

D.G. says he's vowed to stop the violence ever since the summer incident ... and says the rest of the NBA should follow his lead if they know what's best for 'em.

We also asked about whether Austin Rivers can actually scrap or if he's all talk ... and you gotta check out his answer.

Demetrious Johnson Thanks, Anderson ... But I'm NOT the G.O.A.T.

1/18/2018 5:53 AM PST

UFC pound-for-pound king Demetrious Johnson says it's "an honor" Anderson Silva called him the greatest fighter of all time -- but tells TMZ Sports he does NOT think he's G.O.A.T. status.

That said, when the guys on "TMZ Sports" (airs weeknights on FS1) really pressed the flyweight champ for an answer -- he did admit he's getting close.

"I don't believe that," Demetrious told us ... before adding, "I do believe that I have, out of all the champions and all the opposition I've fought ... it's getting there."

FYI -- Mighty Mouse recently broke Anderson's UFC title defense record with his 11th straight ... but dude might be too humble to ever say he's the best.

His 4-year-old son will, though -- and it's cute as hell.

Tyron Woodley Here's What It's Like to Knock a Dude Out!

1/17/2018 3:58 PM PST

UFC champ Tyron Woodley recently told Joe Rogan he doesn't really like fighting, "I'm just good at it." 

Yeah, that's not true. He LOVES it. 

Especially when he's smashing dudes out of consciousness. 

Woodley clarified his comments on "The Hollywood Beatdown" ... waxing poetically about why there's no better feeling in the world than knocking an opponent out cold. 

Make sure to check the full ep. when it drops on Friday (subscribe to the TMZ Sports YouTube page) -- when Tyron talks about how his beef with Conor McGregor got very real. 

Meantime, here's a video of Woodley doing what he does best ... destroying people. 

Jerry West 'Emotions & Testosterone' ... In Clips vs. Rockets

1/17/2018 3:21 PM PST

Clippers honcho Jerry West says the incident with the Houston Rockets is "just one of those things that happens in sports" ... and chalks it all up to emotions and testosterone.

TMZ Sports spoke with The Logo in Bev Hills ... and he told us he's not worried about beefing up security at Staples Center after the alleged post-game altercation that went down earlier this week. 

West also praised Houston's Chris Paul -- and said the former Clippers player is "somebody that I care about a lot."

West shot down the Arron Afflalo vs. Nemanja Bjelica incident as a "fake fight" too ... because Afflalo didn't land his haymaker punch!!! 

The Killers Somebody Told Me ... There's a Fight in the First Row

1/17/2018 11:12 AM PST

Killers frontman Brandon Flowers stopped the band's concert Tuesday night after a fight broke out in the front row, but what's even more amazing is how the band jumped right back into the song.

Flowers and co. were about 3 songs in at the United Center in Chicago when he put the brakes on the set because 2 guys were going at it in the front row. The band was performing "Somebody Told Me" when Flowers told them to stop ... so kinda perfect timing, if you think about it. 

We'll say this, fighting at a concert's never cool -- but The Killers made the most of it. You gotta see their restart into the 2nd verse. FIIIIRE!!!!

Matt Barnes Blasts Austin Rivers He's An Arrogant Trash-Talker

1/17/2018 6:15 AM PST
Exclusive Details

Matt Barnes is sounding off on everything from NBA fighting, to the NBA refs sucking, to calling Austin Rivers an arrogant punk ... and he doesn't care who knows it. 

The recently retired NBA star went off on the NBA refs on Tuesday night -- telling TMZ Sports straight-up, "Now that they can't fine me, the refs are terrible!" The refs got too big of egos."

He also said why NBA fighting can be good for the league. 

As for his former Clippers teammate, Austin Rivers ... buckle up. 

"Austin kinda rubs people the wrong way," Barnes told "Mad Dog Sports Radio" ... "He talks a lot of trash and doesn't really back it up. I think people are probably tired of that."

Barnes says Rivers "carries himself like he's a 10-time All Star and he's not that and that kind of arrogance rubs you the wrong way."

"And then if you're talking trash on top of that there are some guys that's not gonna have it and I know Trevor [Ariza's] one of 'em."

So far, no response from Rivers. 

Daniel Cormier If I Don't Win At UFC 220 ... Worse Than Losing To Jon Jones

1/17/2018 12:45 AM PST

What's worse than being brutally KO'd by a juiced-up Jon Jones??

For Daniel Cormier, you'd assume the answer would be "nothing" ... but the UFC light heavyweight champ told us dropping his fight at UFC 220 this weekend could be even more painful.

"As bad as July was, it can actually be worse if it happens again," Cormier told TMZ Sports.

"My motivation is not only competition, but to avoid feeling like I felt in July, and putting ... everybody that's close to me through the disappointment that we felt."

Daniel told us how he plans on getting the job done ... and says once he's finished with #1 contender Volkan Oezdemir, there will absolutely be a 3rd fight between him and Jones.

FYI, Jon's still waiting to find out how long he'll be sidelined.

Fingers crossed ... 

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