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Dez Bryant Look Ma, No Injury!! ... Strokes 3s In L.A. Hoops Game

6/23/2016 4:18 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Here's Dez Bryant doing his best Bo Jackson impression ... trying to convince the world he can dominate in 2 sports by taking on some basketball competition in a L.A. pickup game.

Dez hit up L.A. Fitness in Hollywood Thursday ... and hopped on the hoop court with a couple of his homeboys and straight GAVE WORK to the local actors (waiters) in the building.

Sources at the gym tell TMZ Sports Dez's team went on a three game run ... and the All-Pro did his part -- stroking a game-winning 3 from Steph range, which you can see at the end of the clip.

Don't panic, Cowboy fans ... we're told Dez was taking it WAY easy ... just shooting jumpers and not driving into the paint AT ALL.

He also took time to pose for pics and chat with all the fans in the gym ... AFTER he busted their asses of course.

Ndamukong Suh DEAD WEIGHT ... For Kevin Hart's Gym Workout

6/13/2016 7:59 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kevin Hart's strong. 

Check out this footage of the funnyman busting his ass in a Miami gym Sunday morning with Dolphins superstar Ndamukong Suh ... pulling the 320-pounder in a sled LIKE A BOSS!!!

Hart -- who's a hardcore gym rat -- wrote, "Listen up people ... Its not about the size of a man its about the size of the "Hart" within the man!!!! I refuse to be outworked."

He added some pretty hilarious hashtags -- #KickingMyBodiesAss #iPulledTheS***OutOfHisBigAss #ImAbeastDamnIt #BossNeedsToWipeThatDumbassLookOffHisFace #SuhWasGrowlingAtMeWhileIwasPulling."


Sylvester Stallone Powerlifted My Show Idea! Trainer Sues Over 'Strong'

6/10/2016 3:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0610-sylvester-stallone-strong-show-stolen-TMZ-01Sylvester Stallone's training and weight loss show, "Strong" was jacked from the mind of a personal trainer ... according to the suit the guy just filed.

Robert Fletcher says he created a show called "America's Next Great Trainer" and shopped it around Hollywood in 2014. He says he sent his pitch materials to Stallone's publicist, and also to agents at William Morris Endeavor ... which reps Stallone.

Fletcher thinks it's no coincidence that in early 2016 he started hearing about "Strong" -- the NBC show that lists Sly as one of its executive producers.

"Strong" features male and female trainers competing in various physical challenges -- and in his suit, Fletcher says that's almost a carbon copy of his show idea.


He says it's also fishy that one of the "Strong" trainers is a guy named Todd Durkin. Fletcher says Durkin was attached to 'ANGT' ... but went radio silent in 2015.

He's suing Stallone, NBC, Durkin and other "Strong" producers for at least $7 mil. 

J.K. Simmons INSANELY JACKED ... For New 'Justice League' Flick

6/8/2016 6:38 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0608-main-jk-simmons-instagram-02Well, now we know what the J in J.K. Simmons stands for -- JACKED. 

Check out the 61-year-old beasting out in an L.A. gym -- gearing up for his role in the upcoming 'Justice League' movie. 


No, he's not playing Bane ... or Batman ... he's an insanely muscle-bound Commissioner Gordon!

Simmons has been training with retired Marine Aaron Williamson -- who reportedly got Zac Efron into shape ... and who's been known to push weights with The Rock


SoulCycle Sued I Got Creamed on Your Damn Cycle

6/5/2016 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0603-soul-cycle-broken-ankle-lawsuit-GETTY-02SoulCycle's crappy instructors and faulty bikes are to blame for a catastrophic ankle injury ... so claims a very disgruntled customer. 

Carmen Farias claims in a new lawsuit she showed up to spin class in 2014 and, since she was a newbie, she expected someone would show her how to use the bikes. Farias says she started riding but quickly tired and the instructor barked, "We don't take breaks."   

Farias says she was so embarrassed she soldiered on, as her feet were locked to the pedals. She says she became so fatigued she fell off the bike with her feet still strapped in ... but the momentum of the fly wheel kept the pedals turning, and each rotation caused ankle dislocation.

She blames the bikes and lack of instruction for what she claims are catastrophic ankle injuries.

We reached out to SoulCycle, but they declined to comment. 

Warren Sapp I Got A New Chick ... Check Out Her Back!!

6/3/2016 6:59 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0603-warren-sapp-odd-workout-elevator-photo-INSTAGRAM-01Chicks are still into Warren Sapp ... well, at least one is ... 'cause the NFL Hall of Famer just got himself a new GF, one year after he beat up his last one. 

Sapp just posted a pic of himself with his mystery lady -- along with the caption, "Couples that work out together ... "

No word on the identity of Sapp's new lady -- but it's pretty clear it's NOT the same woman he brutally attacked in Vegas last year (the old GF is black, new GF appears to be white). 

As we previously reported, Sapp pled guilty to 1 count of domestic violence -- after his longtime girlfriend claimed Sapp bit her and stomped on her head during a fight that began at a Vegas hotel pool. 

And just a few months before that, Sapp was arrested in Arizona for a violent incident involving 2 prostitutes.  

But Sapp's off probation in both cases and essentially has a clean slate. 

Don't screw it up. 

James Woods Sorry Ricky Williams ... Weed Gym Sounds Super Dangerous

6/1/2016 6:06 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There will be no puff and pump for James Woods ... 'cause the Hollywood legend says Ricky Williams' new weed gym is a terrible and dangerous idea. 

For those not up-to-date on the ganja gossip ... the ex-NFL star is a co-owner in a marijuana-friendly gym in San Francisco ... where members are encouraged to consume specialized doses of weed designed to boost their workout sessions. 

So, when we saw James Woods out in Bev Hills and asked him if he'd ever be down for a dope workout -- the answer was a resounding HELLLLLL NO!

"I can't remotely imagine someone doing drugs and then working out," Woods said.

"That just has unhappy ending written all over it."

Jean-Claude Van Damme UFC Guys Can't Kick ... Lemme Teach You!

5/31/2016 12:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Wanna REALLY kick someone's ass? Pay attention ... Master Van Damme will teach you. 

In fact, Jean-Claude Van Damme says most of the badass fighters in the UFC don't really know how to execute a proper leg strike, so he gave TMZ Sports a FULL KICKING TUTORIAL to show us how it's done.

"Right now, it's a mess," Van Damme said of the kicking in the UFC ... "they are missing, they are out of balance. Thank god they have good jiu-jitsu."

But JCVD didn't just talk the talk -- he pulled over a buddy and gave us a full demo on the street! 

"If I can give some of my knowledge to some of those amazing UFC fighters in terms of legs, I have a lot to teach."

Watch. Learn. Take notes. 

Gucci Mane Silver Linings Prison Playbook

5/28/2016 12:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0527-gucci-mane-TMZ-02Gucci Mane may have lost his freedom by doing time, but he also lost a ton of weight ... and he'll continue with his prison diet to keep his abs tight and the lbs off.

Gucci dumped 50 pounds behind bars by staying clear of carbs. It helped that he couldn't booze it up. He believes a no-carb diet is the key and he will carry that forward during his house arrest. Interesting ... we can't get a clear answer on whether Gucci will hit the bottle again.

The rapper knows exercise is critical, so he'll continue his prison regimen of sit-ups and weights ... just at a 24 Hour Fitness instead of the yard.  

Gucci's so serious about his new physique he turned his nose up to cake and booze for his coming home party ... so says his lawyer, Drew Findling. He stuck to chicken and agua.


'Game Of Thrones' Star Don't Call A Tow Truck ... Call 'The Mountain'

5/27/2016 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Here's Hafpor Julius Bjornsson -- better known as "The Mountain" from "Game of Thrones" -- pulling a 17-TON BIG RIG in Iceland like it was a Tonka Truck.

Yeah, High Sparrow's in trouble ... 

Hafpor was training in Iceland for the upcoming Arnold Strongman Classic when he decided weights weren't good enough ... he wanted something much MUCH heavier. 

He chose the truck ... and we're told the 6'9", 400 lb monster didn't just pull it once ... we're talkin' multiple laps!

Sources close to Hafpor also tell us everyone at TMZ Sports is frightened of him (they didn't but it's true).

Watch the video and you will be too.

P90X Founder Eddie Lacy Busted His Ass Snow Shoveling & Two-A-Days

5/25/2016 8:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Eddie Lacy went all Rocky Balboa (from "Rocky IV") in his off-season workout -- training in the snow TWICE A DAY with his P90X trainer Tony Horton

Horton -- who created P90X -- spent months helping the Green Bay Packers running back trim down for the season ... and judging by the last video we shot of Lacy, it worked. Dude's pretty ripped now

So, we asked Horton how he got Lacy back to form -- and the training regimen he revealed is pretty hardcore ... including some snow shoveling sessions in Jackson Hole. 

Horton says Lacy was a natural when it came to working out -- but there was ONE exercise the guy couldn't stand. 

Check out the clip ... and namaste. 

John Cena I'm 70% In the Gym ... After Shoulder Surgery

5/17/2016 9:04 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The beast is (almost) back! 

John Cena says he's making insane progress in the gym since undergoing shoulder surgery back in January ... telling TMZ Sports he's at 70% ... but vows to be back at full strength VERY soon. 

The WWE superstar was out in NYC with his girlfriend, Nikki Bella, when he told us he's been putting in serious physical therapy work in hopes of a full recovery. 

"I'm probably 30% off of what I was operating at November 2015 ... but being at 70% is still pretty damn good."

He also gave a shout-out to his strength trainer -- Rob MacIntyre at Hard Nocks South ... the same guy who pushed him to bust out a 481 POUND BENCH PRESS back in the day. 


Mike Vick I Love Pittsburgh ... But I'll Play For Anyone!

4/25/2016 3:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

42516-michael-vick-gettyMike Vick says he's training his ass off to return to the NFL ... with his rep telling TMZ Sports the QB would love to stay in Pittsburgh, but he's open to playing for any team in the league. 

Earlier this month, Vick told reporters he's got "one more dedicated season in my blood" -- but also said he'd be okay if he didn't get picked up by a team in 2016.

Well, we're told Vick is still preparing as if he will play in '16 -- "He's training every single day. [He's] staying ready mentally and physically."

When asked if he had any preference, Vick's rep told us he loved playing in Pittsburgh "but he'll be ready wherever he goes."

Vick is currently a free agent -- but his rep reminded us that he didn't get picked up last year until the end of August ... so he's not sweating it yet. 

Hey, we hear there might an opening in Philly ... 

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