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Jake Gyllenhaal


... Says World Champion Co-Star

5/3/2015 12:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Jake Gyllenhaal is no boxing fraud -- the guy can brawl for real ... this according to a real deal ex-kickboxing champ who worked with Jake on his new boxing flick. 

TMZ Sports spoke with David Buglione -- a former U.S.K.B.A World Welterweight Kickboxing Champ -- who worked closely with Jake as his stunt double in "Southpaw."

Long story short ... Buglione says Jake trained so hard for the role, he feels he made himself into a legit boxer.

"Without a doubt he could compete. The time he put into the role, the way he transformed his body. It was incredible."

"He started training 3-4 months before the thing even started. By the time we got into it he'd picked up angles, knew how to move and pivot, and sit on his punches."

Lesson? Don't judge a book by it's cover ... or Bubble Boy might just kick your ass.

Tara Reid

I Dig Elizabeth Banks ...

No Clue Why She's Coming for My Neck

5/1/2015 1:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Elizabeth Banks Disses Tara ReidWe don't wanna bury the lead here, so we'll just say it -- Tara Reid is gonna keep things classy ... when it comes to responding to Elizabeth Banks' huge unprovoked swipe at her career.

If ya missed it ... the "Pitch Perfect 2" star told The Hollywood Reporter, "I used to go to auditions with Tara Reid. So, you know we didn't all make it. We're not all still here."

Mind you ... Banks was not asked about Tara at all -- so no one was more shocked about the pot shot than Tara. She tells TMZ, "I've always been a fan of her work and that’s sad to hear she said those things about me."

Banks did go on to say ... "But I do love 'Sharknado.'"

Her attempted backstroke isn't fooling Tara, but she's still sticking to the high road. Tara says if she ran into E. Banks today she would "smile and say, hi."

Well played, Tara. "Sharknado 3" ... coming this summer!


Deontay Wilder

I Wanna Bang Nia Long

... On Camera!

5/1/2015 12:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

He may be the heavyweight champion of the world, but Deontay Wilder still has goals -- telling TMZ Sports he wants to bang Nia Long ... in a sex scene for a Hollywood movie. 

See, Wilder has dreams of becoming an actor in addition to the whole boxing thing ... and clearly, he likes the idea of doing some romantic work with the star of "Love Jones," "The Best Man" and "Big Momma's House."

In fact, Wilder says he's had a HUUUGE crush on Long for years ... and in the clip, makes the ultimate pitch to be her leading man in the sack. 

You gotta watch the clip -- dude's HILARIOUS! 

Robert De Niro & Zac Efron

Meet the Pecs

4/30/2015 11:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Robert De Niro Zac Efron ShirtlessZac Efron apparently had an extra ticket to the gun show Wednesday afternoon ... and he took 71-year-old Robert De Niro along with him.

Zac might be a double-barreled shotgun, but De Niro's .45 caliber pistols are holding up just fine.

Megan Fox

She's a Real Doll

4/30/2015 10:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Megan Fox BlondeLooking like the love child of a young Jenna Jameson and a sex doll ... Megan Fox donned a blonde wig and a schoolgirl outfit while filming Wednesday for "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2."

This April O'Neil gives us at least a half shell.  

'Zoolander 2'

Blue Steel Meets Justin Bieber

4/29/2015 7:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber Zoolander 2 PicAre we in for another walk-off?

"Zoolander 2" is shaping up to be the king of cameos ... as Ben Stiller just revealed Justin Bieber will make an appearance in the flick.

Bieber has hinted he might be appearing, writing, "Working on something big right now in Europe. To learn more follow me on Fahlo. He is so hot right now."

The photo kind of lets the cat out of the bag.

No word on what Biebs will do in the cameo ... maybe he's a graduate of "The Derek Zoolander Center For Kids Who Can't Read Good And Wanna Learn To Do Other Stuff Good Too."

Pam Anderson, Rick Salomon

Divorce Settles

Pam Scores $1 Mil

4/29/2015 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0428_pam_anderson_rick_salomon_TMZPam Anderson is a million dollars richer today, and Rick Salomon is a lot happier ... because we've learned they got divorced.

Pam and Rick were in a nuclear battle -- he filed for an annulment, and she filed for divorce. TMZ broke the story, Pam allegedly held Rick's dog Bumblebee hostage for a week, and then launched into a tirade that he was bad at sex ... which didn't jive with various text messages she sent him.

But now we've learned Rick paid Pam just north of $1 million in return for the divorce. But Rick got something as well. Pam was challenging his Nevada residency, claiming he was a California resident who was trying to dodge taxes on a $40 million poker win. Nevada doesn't have state taxes.  

Now that they're divorced, Pam isn't contesting Rick's residency, so she's off his back.

And Bumblebee is back with him, so happy endings.

update_graphic_red_bar8:55 AM PST -- TMZ has received a joint statement from Pam and Rick ... “Public divorces can be harsh and cruel - we apologize to our families and friends for any hurt and embarrassment we have caused-we have come to an amicable agreement and are moving on. There are private and personal family sensitivities to consider and we retract any hurtful comments made in haste and distaste. We wish each other and our families well.”update_grey_gray_bar


'Furious 7' Stunt Crew


We're Finally Getting Credit

4/28/2015 5:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


The overlooked stunt crew from Furious 7 can finally hold their heads high and revel in the success of their billion dollar movie ... because the studio will be adding their names to the ending credits. 

As we previously reported ... 25 people who performed the death-defying stunts for the movie -- including the driving scenes -- were mysteriously nixed from the ending credits. The crew was irate, and even stars like Michelle Rodriguez, spoke out in support.

Now sources close to the production tell us Universal has decided to include the entire 2nd Unit team to the DVD and future releases of the movie.

We're told the studio claimed there was a "clerical mix up" ... but didn't give specifics on who dropped the ball.  

Robert De Niro

Zac Efron's About a Quart Low

4/28/2015 3:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0428-zac-efron-robert-deniro-thumb-butt-PCN-01Zac Efron and Robert De Niro are getting close ... very close ... while shooting "Dirty Grandpa" down in Georgia.

It's a dirty job, butt ...

Isaiah Washington

Raging in Gay Bar

To Get the Word Out On New Film

4/28/2015 12:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Isaiah Washington's on a guerrilla marketing campaign to spread the word about his new movie to the LGBT community, and he went all in -- maybe not all in -- by partying at a legendary gay bar. 

Washington hit up Rage nightclub in West Hollywood  (one of the biggest gay bars in town) this past weekend promoting "Blackbird" with his co-star Gary LeRoi Gray. We're told he was drinking and dancing ... having a great time.

The irony can't be overstated -- Isaiah was famously fired from "Grey's Anatomy" for using a homophobic slur during a blow up with T.R. Knight.

To be fair, that was 8 years ago ... and sources connected to "Blackbird" tell us Washington's role in the film is "not about redemption" -- he really just feels strongly about the movie's powerful message. It's centered around a gay African American man growing up in a small town.

We're told Washington's been totally on board with the plan to promote in the LGBT community -- and it shows.

Zac Efron

That Awkward Moment ...

Pretty Ballsy, Dude

4/28/2015 11:11 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0428-zac-efron-underwear-front-back-hornet-PCN-01Zac Efron is a brief guy ... at least he was on the set of his new film "Dirty Grandpa."

Efron is filming down in Georgia on Tybee Island and Monday he appeared to be baring it all. No such luck, just nude colored undies.

Funny, we had him pegged as a boxer guy but we're pretty sure there's a lot of ladies (and guys) who don't mind undies this tight. 

A little crack isn't always a bad thing. 

Shia LaBeouf

Log Jammin'

Takes a Huge Load

4/28/2015 7:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Shia LaBeouf's got wood ... LOTS of it -- after hauling off huge loads of logs in L.A. 

Looking like a hybrid of a hipster lumberjack and a smooth jazz DJ -- ponytailed Shia was doing some major wood work Monday ... hauling logs with TreePeople, an LA based non-profit environmental organization.

Hard to tell what Shia's up to now -- bizarre art installation, DIY home improvement project, or just charity ... honestly, we're stumped. 

At least we're one step closer to knowing how much wood a LaBeouf would chuck if a LaBeouf could chuck wood.

Adam Sandler Movie

Native Americans Confront Producers ...

We're No Sellouts

4/28/2015 6:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

New video shows the confrontation between Native American extras on the set of an Adam Sandler movie and the film's producers ... that eventually led to them walking off.

In the video, obtained by the Indian Country Today Media Network, several Native Americans are clearly pissed off over "jokes" in the "The Ridiculous Six." They're particularly annoyed over the name of one of the females in the film, Beaver's Breath.

You see producers trying to convince the Native Americans they shouldn't feel disrespected, which elicits the response, "You’re trying to tell us what’s disrespectful to us? You’re trying to tell a Native what’s disrespectful to them?"

The Native Americans eventually walked off the production and quit.

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