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Curt Schilling

I Have Mouth Cancer

... Blames Chewing Tobacco

8/20/2014 6:46 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news


Former MLB pitching great Curt Schilling says he was diagnosed with mouth cancer back in February ... and believes it was caused from his 30-year habit of chewing tobacco. 

The former Boston Red Sox pitcher says he stayed quiet about the diagnosis for months for two reasons -- he didn't want people to pity him and he didn't want to get into the chewing tobacco debate.

Still, 47-year-old Schilling says ... "I'll go to my grave believing that [chewing tobacco] was why I got what I got ... absolutely, no question in my mind about that."

Schilling says he learned about the cancer only after seeing a doctor about a dog bite wound on his finger -- and felt a lump in his neck. 

He got it checked out -- and it turned out to be squamous cell carcinoma ... aka mouth cancer. 

Schilling says he went through several weeks of chemotherapy and radiation treatments -- and says the whole thing hurt like hell. 

"The pain that I was in going through this treatment, the second or third day it was the only thing in my life that had that I wish I could go back and never have dipped. Not once. It was so painful."

Kourtney Kardashian

I Got Screwed

Buying a Mold-Infested House!

8/19/2014 8:34 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kourtney Kardashian is crying cover-up ... claiming the house she bought from Keyshawn Johnson is infested with dangerous mold that was masked by a coat of paint ... sending her family fleeing for their safety.

We're told Kourtney's decorator found the mold when he installed some fixtures.

Kourtney and the kids checked into the Montage hotel in Bev Hills Monday. The photo agency didn't get Scott Disick ... but we're told he arrived later. The family just returned from the Hamptons and decided it was too dangerous to move back into the house -- especially since Kourtney is pregnant.

Sources connected with Kourtney say she's on the attack ... ready to sue anyone who's responsible. She believes the fresh paint over what she claims is mold is the smoking gun.

We've made multiple calls to Keyshawn ... but haven't heard back.  

Rapper Kid Ink

Pizza Delivery Man Sues Over Dog Attack

Damages Have Mushroomed

8/18/2014 5:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kid Ink Sued
Kid Ink's dog viciously attacked a pizza delivery guy and now the victim is suing for a piece of the pie.

Garnik Nazarian claims Kid ordered a pie delivered to his Granada Hills home ... and when he showed up at the front door, Kid's dog -- Louie -- attacked him ... chomping down on his hands, arms, legs, face and other body parts.

Nazarian -- claims Kid should've known Louie was "unusually dangerous" and prone to attack ... and should've kept the animal locked up.

According to the lawsuit ... Nazarian's injuries are so bad, he won't be able to deliver pizzas for a long time to come. So, in addition to medical bills and pain and suffering, he wants lost profits.

BTW ... the lawsuit is a little wonky. In California and most states, a dog bite victim doesn't have to prove the pooch was unusually dangerous or prone to attack. When dog bites a person ... owner pays -- period.

Denzel Washington

Detoxes After Hard Partying

8/15/2014 6:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Denzel Washington
just left an Orange County residence where he was staying for more than 2 weeks to detox after a wild, alcohol-fueled, gluttonous month-long vacation ... TMZ has learned.

Sources connected with the actor tell TMZ Denzel was on a yacht during the month of July with his wife ... and was partying and partying hard.

When he returned to L.A. ... our sources say Denzel went to the OC residence where he had professionals help him "detox."  

One source says this was more than just alcohol ... it was an overall cleanse for toxins.  In addition to the professional who supervised the detox, we're told Denzel had a nutritionist, a trainer and a chef.

Denzel we're told is out and back on his game.

Porn Star Christy Mack

Free Facial Reconstruction

8/18/2014 12:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Christy Mack Plastic SurgeryChristy Mack faces a long road to recovery after being viciously beaten ... allegedly by War Machine ... but a Bev HIlls plastic surgeon has come to the rescue.

Dr. Harrison H. Lee has reached out to Mack ... offering facial reconstructive work for free. Dr. Lee says he feels a special responsibility because he's trained in mixed martial arts and knows it should never be abused.

It's unclear if Mack is down with the offer ... but it sounds like a good deal.

As TMZ previously reported, Mack's porn star friends have been raising money on her behalf ... nearly $65,000 so far on


'A.I.' Josh Gracin

Apologizes for Suicide Threat

Getting Help

8/15/2014 3:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Josh Gracin
-- the American Idol Season 2 finalist who left what appeared to be a suicide note that got cops and family scrambling Thursday -- has checked himself into an inpatient facility and is remorseful over the commotion he caused.

TMZ broke the story ... Josh posted a message on Facebook with a clear message -- he was about to take his life.  The post read in part:  "I loved her for 17 years ... I made mistakes ... I admitted them, told her the truth and she turned her back on me when I needed her help the most."

The post went on:  "Pray for my family as they carry on in this world without me.  Goodbye."

Cops picked Josh up Thursday night and took him to the hospital.  He just released this statement:
 "I want to thank you all for your prayers and support.  I take responsibility for my actions and apologize dearly for what I have put my family through.  With the help of my family and friends, I am getting help."

Robin Williams

Parkinson's a Factor in Suicide

But NOT the Cause

8/15/2014 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Robin Williams Depression

Robin Williams' Parkinson's diagnosis had an impact on his depressed state ... on both a psychological and physiological level -- but it's NOT why he committed suicide ... multiple sources connected to the family tell TMZ.

We're told ... Robin was struggling emotionally with the diagnosis ... like anyone would. Our sources say Parkinson's was NOT the reason for his depression ... something Robin lived with for years. But we're told the Parkinson's news "exacerbated" his depressed state of mind.

We're also told doctors were treating Robin with meds to slow the progression of the disease down, and the cocktail -- which was a work in progress to get right -- also had a negative impact on his emotional state.

And doctors believe Parkinson's itself physiologically triggers depression in people.

But our sources make it clear ... the diagnosis of Parkinson's did NOT trigger Robin's suicide.  It was the result of chronic, intense depression that dogged the actor for much of his life.


Wes Scantlin

Water Scofflaw

Cop Injured During Flood

8/14/2014 3:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Wes Scantlin Home Flooded

Wes Scantlin continues to piss off his neighbors and police ... after a cop responding to a flood was injured on his property and ended up in the hospital.

Law enforcement tells TMZ  ... neighbors of the Puddle of Mudd lead singer called police Wednesday after they saw water pouring down his driveway.

When cops came ... they discovered the pool water running -- it had been running for DAYS -- a bonehead move in the middle of the severe drought.

Cops became alarmed because the doors of the house were wide open and they feared someone might be inside either injured or dead.  One officer climbed an outside staircase to get in the house and fell through the rotted wood.  

The officer was taken by ambulance to the ER but did not suffer serious injuries.

Wes -- who doesn't live at the house -- eventually showed up.  Cops told him his ongoing war with his neighbors had to stop.   The singer was arrested last August for taking a buzz saw to a neighbor's house.

In the end, no charges were filed and everyone went their separate ways, so ... water under the bridge.

Aerosmith Drummer Joey Kramer

Heart Problems

Band Cancels Tour Dates

8/13/2014 2:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joey Kramer -- the drummer for Aerosmith -- had heart complications Tuesday and the band has cancelled some upcoming shows ... TMZ has learned.

A source close to the band tells us ... Kramer has had heart issues in the past.  

A member of the crew told us ... the 64-year-old will undergo heart surgery, but we could not confirm that. 

The group has now cancelled the Concord, CA concert scheduled for Wednesday night.  

We're also told members of the crew have been told the Washington show -- scheduled for Saturday -- will also be cancelled.


Christy Mack

Porn Stars Raise $$$ For Face Reconstruction

8/13/2014 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Christy Mack Beating
Porn star Christy Mack is strapped for cash because she needs major reconstructive surgery after being beaten by ex-BF War Machine ... but her fellow porn stars have come to the rescue.

Adult actress Kendall Karson has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise money so Christy can be pretty again.  So far she's raised $30K to help pay for the cost of repairing her nose, eye socket and various other procedures. The goal is $100K.

In addition to Kendall, Kendra Lust, Ava Addams and Tasha Reign have donated money ... and so has Dave Navarro.  Jenna Jameson has also given her support.

And the kind folks at have pitched in $10K.


The Rock's Mom

Alleged Drunk Driver Needs a Smackdown

... But I Forgive Her

8/12/2014 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Rock
's mom is thanking the giant SUV her son bought her for saving her life in a head-on collision -- and amazingly holds no grudges against the woman who hit her.

Ata Maivia-Johnson tells TMZ ... "As much as I'd like to lay the Samoan smackdown on the drunk driver that crashed into us, I've already forgiven her."

Ata and Dwayne's cousin Lina Fanene were driving home last week when the other driver plowed into their Escalade. 

Ata added, "By the grace of God and my big heavy strong car, we are alive today to hug our loved ones once again."

The driver has been charged with a DUI in the incident.


N.W.A. Movie

Gang-Style Shooting On Set

Was the Real Deal

8/12/2014 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

NWA Movie Shooting
The N.W.A. flick "Straight Outta Compton" just got christened with a drive-by shooting ... right in front of the movie crew.

Eyewitnesses tell TMZ ... the gunfire erupted outside the Compton Courthouse last week when some neighborhood guys, not actors, flashed gang signs at a passing car.

We're told the gunmen were NOT targeting the crew -- but since they were setting up outside the courthouse the bullets came dangerously close. One nearby civilian was hit, and collapsed next to the set ... but survived.

The L.A. County Sheriff's Dept. tells us the shooting is under investigation. They have not yet determined if it was gang-related.  

We're told filming will continue this week in a rough area of Compton ... even though many members of the cast and crew are shaken, and worried about their safety.

War Machine

Former GF Says Beaten Near Death

18 Broken Bones, Ruptured Liver

8/11/2014 2:18 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The woman MMA fighter War Machine allegedly beat to a pulp says she was actually pummeled within an inch of her life.

Porn star Christy Mack says War Machine broke up with her in May but for some reason showed up at her house at 2 AM Friday. She says he walked in, didn't say a word but unleashed a beating on her friend.

War Machine threw the friend out of the house and then she says he allegedly made her strip and shower in front of him. Then she says the beating began ... resulting in 18 broken bones around her eyes, a broken nose, missing teeth, a fractured rib and ruptured liver.

Mack says War Machine also "sawed much of my hair off with [a] dull knife."

She says he threatened to rape her but was unable to perform.

Mack says she ran out of the house naked, begging neighbors to help her. One did and took her to the hospital, where she remains.

War Machine is on the run. There's a $10,000 reward for his capture.


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