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Samantha Markle It's Meghan's Fault If Our Dad Dies!!!

7/18/2018 7:44 AM PDT

If Meghan Markle continues giving her father the cold shoulder, it might kill him ... or so Meghan's sister seemed to insinuate in an angry tirade.

Samantha Markle went off Tuesday evening, ripping into Meghan for allegedly shutting Thomas Markle out of her life. She said, "If our father dies I'm holding you responsible, Meg!" She also chastised Meghan for "paying tribute" to others while dissing her own blood. Meghan and Prince Harry attended a Nelson Mandela tribute yesterday.

As we reported, Thomas is vowing to continue speaking out to the media, at least until he has contact with Meghan. He told us no one is responding to the phone numbers he was given to reach her.

Samantha defended Thomas, saying ... "My father is not an embarrassment for loving his daughter. The royals are an embarrassment for being so cold."

There's plenty of bad blood between the half-sisters -- this isn't the first time Samantha's lashed out at Meghan.

As far as we know, Thomas is not in any immediate health crisis -- however, he did have that heart procedure that kept him from attending the wedding. 

Thomas Markle Let's Talk, Royals Because I'm Not Going Away!!!

7/17/2018 10:38 AM PDT

Meghan Markle's father wants some attention, or at least an acknowledgement, from the Royal Family ... and he's not going to shut up until he gets it.

Thomas Markle tells TMZ ... he's unfazed by news his Duchess daughter and Prince Harry are reportedly frustrated about his recent paid interview with The Sun, because he just wants to be involved in their lives.

He says, "I was silent for a full year and the press beat me up every day saying I was a hermit hiding in Mexico, so I gave my story. Apparently that interview put the Royal Family in their silence mode ... so, I gave another interview to break the silence. All they have to do is speak to me.”

Thomas believes the silent treatment from the Palace is silly, wishful thinking on their part that he'll just go away. He insists that's not happening -- and he just wants to be in contact with Meghan.

Still, he's staying a little optimistic ... "Tomorrow is my birthday, 74 years old, and I’m enjoying the fact that I can make the entire Royal Family not speak and maybe I can get a laugh out of the Duchess."

Kate and Meghan Double Duchess ... We Roll with Serena!!!

7/14/2018 7:13 AM PDT

9:33 AM PT -- Serena was defeated by Angelique Kerber, 6-3 6-3, who won her first career Wimbledon title and third major. Serena was interviewed after the match, saying she was disappointed she couldn't get the win for all the moms out there ... but thanked everyone for their support and said she was happy to be back.Meghan Markle has friends in high places, and not just at the Palace ... because she showed up to watch her good friend Serena Williams try to make some history.

Meghan brought sister-in-law Kate Middleton along for the ride to sit in the peanut gallery at Wimbledon, to watch Serena attempt a super-human feat ... bouncing back after a difficult post-pregnancy to tie the record for Grand Slam wins.

Serena's about to take center court ... trying to snag her 24th Slam win. 

President Trump Pleased to Meet Ya, Queen Elizabeth! Spares Her the Power Shake

7/13/2018 10:17 AM PDT

President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump are getting the royal treatment -- the long-awaited meeting with Queen Elizabeth is going down ... and, so far, so good.

The Prez and Her Majesty finally met Friday at Windsor Castle where a Guard of Honor gave the Trumps a royal salute, which included "The Star-Spangled Banner."

While Trump's known for busting out the alpha male power handshake with foreign dignitaries ... he went easy on QE2. Afterward, they went inside for, what else ... afternoon tea. 

Thousands of Brits are protesting Prez Trump's visit in response to his criticisms of Prime Minister Theresa May and London's mayor -- but, everything was pretty chill on the Castle grounds.

Trump's making himself right at home too. Sarah Huckabee Sanders posted a shot of him sitting in Winston Churchill's chair.

Far as we've heard, Trump's made zero royal etiquette faux pas. Score one for us. 

Meghan Markle & Prince Harry Put Their Best Faces Forward ... Irish Kids LOVE it!!!

7/11/2018 7:47 AM PDT

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are gonna be hands-on parents judging by their trip to Ireland, where a bunch of kids got all up in their royal grills ... in a good way.

The newlyweds are in Dublin, their first official visit since the wedding, where it looks like they were a huge hit with the five-and-under crowd at Croke Park stadium.

The royals got to watch some traditional Gaelic sports, but the real show was the cute kids. Favorite games of the day appeared to include ... "Where's Your Nose?" and "Where's Your Beard?".

Start the countdown to "When are these 2 having a baby??".

Prince William Visits Tomb Of Great-Grandma

6/28/2018 7:05 AM PDT

Prince William toured Jerusalem on the final day of his solo pilgrimage to the Middle East and made sure to stop at the tomb of his great-grandmother, Princess Alice of Battenberg.

A little royal lineage knowledge ... Alice was the mother of Prince Philip, who is married to Queen Elizabeth, William's grandmother. Alice was deeply religious, and took in Jews during WWII, and her remains were transferred to the Convent of Saint Mary Magdalene in Jerusalem in the '80s, long after her death.

William laid flowers on her grave after visiting the Western Wall Thursday on his trip, which included stops in Jordan and Palestine. His trip wasn't political, but he handled it like a king. 

Thomas Markle Getting Bumped by Trump to Meet QE2 ... So NOT Cool!!!

6/26/2018 12:50 AM PDT

Thomas Markle thinks the Royal Family is putting him in the "penalty box" after his "Good Morning Britain" interview a week ago, especially since President Trump is getting to meet Her Majesty before him.

Thomas tells TMZ, he hasn't spoken with anyone from the palace since last week's interview. Not even his daughter, Meghan ... who, of course, has been busy with royal stuff.

Markle thinks he's getting the cold shoulder, and tells TMZ ... “If the Queen is willing to meet our arrogant, ignorant, and insensitive president she has no excuse not to meet me, I’m nowhere near as bad.” Trump's scheduled to meet Elizabeth in the U.K. next month.  

Despite the perceived diss ... Thomas says he still has every intention of crossing the pond to see Meghan, and finally meet Harry. As for QE2 ... fingers crossed!

Meghan Markle & Prince Harry Our Royal Hat Game is Strong!!!

6/19/2018 8:50 AM PDT

Meghan Markle is quickly becoming a woman of many hats, but her hubby, Prince Harry, managed to top hers Tuesday at the races.

Meghan and Harry hit up the Royal Ascot -- a hoity toity horse race outside London with more than $10 million in prize money available. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex arrived at the track in a horse-drawn carriage, and some pretty sweet headgear.

She wore a floppy white and black number, while Harry went straight Monopoly ... rocking a top hat. Seriously, all he's missing is the monocle.

Meghan's been on one royal outing after another since getting hitched to Harry in May, including a girls' trip with the Queen.

No ride with Her Majesty this time around, which is probably a good thing since Harry's got the door.

Thomas Markle Says Prince Harry Told Him Give Donald Trump a Chance

6/18/2018 6:46 AM PDT

Prince Harry wanted his future father-in-law to give Donald Trump a chance ... so claims Meghan Markle's father.

Thomas Markle gave a wide-ranging interview on "Good Morning Britain" and revealed Harry once tried talking him off the ledge over the Prez. Thomas said he had been in a bad mood about something Trump had just done when he got on the horn with Harry.

Thomas said, "I always have a bad attitude about Donald Trump and that's never gonna change. I have to apologize to the rest of the world for my president. All Harry actually said -- because Trump was new -- 'Give him a chance.' I think Harry's probably changed his mind by now. I certainly hope he has."

That's a stunning revelation given members of the Royal family are supposed to remain apolitical ... and especially interesting since Harry's boys with President Obama.

Thomas also said Brexit was loosely discussed ... Thomas says Harry told him he was "open to" the experiment of Britain leaving the European Union.

But lighter topics were also discussed ... Thomas dished on talking to Harry for the first time, and he also shared how Harry asked for his daughter's hand.

The Queen & Meghan Markle First Outing Together ... A Barrel Of Laughs

6/14/2018 7:38 AM PDT
Breaking News

Meghan Markle is the Duchess of Sussex, but she also took on the role of royal jester during her first official solo outing with Queen Elizabeth.

Meghan accompanied Liz Thursday on several engagements near Liverpool. It's kind of a big deal since it's their first hangout without Harry and the fam in the picture.

They took the Royal Train in and spent the day doing everything from meeting locals in the town center to attending the opening of the Mersey Gateway Bridge ... and there's no denying Meghan's winning the Brits over, especially Her Majesty.

No idea what was so funny, but maybe she dropped a line Prince George fed her from the schoolyard:

Why is England the wettest country?
The queen has reigned for years!

Look at QE2 laughing ... that's definitely what she said.

Meghan & Prince Harry Makes Her Royal Balcony Debut!!! One of Us, One of Us ...

6/9/2018 9:29 AM PDT

Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, is officially jumped into the gang royal fam, now that she's shared the famed Buckingham Palace balcony with all of her in-laws.

Prince Harry and his bride joined his bro, Prince William and KatePrince Charles and Camilla ... along with various other siblings, cousins and little ones Saturday to celebrate Queen Elizabeth's 92nd birthday.

QE2 and her crew busted out their best royal waves for the festivities, which included a Royal Air Force flyover, and a carriage parade of the whole family. Meghan's already looking fully at ease ... laughing and smiling with her father-in-law and Kate.

America. Fully in her rear-view mirror. 

Prince George Getting Security Fit For A King Post-ISIS Threat

6/5/2018 12:40 AM PDT

The Royal Family isn't taking any chances in wake of the terrorist call to action targeting Prince George ... TMZ has learned he'll be getting added protection at his school and on outings around London.

Sources tell us Thomas's Battersea, George's school in London, will have beefed-up security. More officers will also follow Prince George on outings with his mom and his grandma, Carole Middleton, who often cares for him.

As for this weekend's Trooping the Colour ceremony at Buckingham Palace ... we're told it's business as usual. George will appear with the rest of the family on the Buckingham Palace balcony, but there'll be a bigger security presence than usual. 

As we previously reported, the Royal Family is refusing to retreat from the public eye after 32-year-old Husnain Rashid encouraged ISIS to attack the boy at his school.

Royal Family We Will Not Retreat In Wake of Threat Against Prince George

6/1/2018 10:00 AM PDT

The Royal Family will NOT retreat from public view in the wake of an ISIS call to action against 4-year-old Prince George ... sources directly familiar with the situation tell TMZ.

As we reported 32-year-old Husnain Rashid encouraged ISIS to attack the boy who is third in line for the throne -- attack him at his school.

Our Royal sources tell us, Prince George is scheduled to appear June 9 with his family on the Buckingham Palace balcony for a ceremony in full public view, and the event will absolutely take place.

As for attending school, the Palace is well aware the location of the school is public record and the boy will continue attending.

The family has almost remarkably been seen in public ... check out this pic taken just last Sunday at a public park where Kate Middleton, Prince George and Princess Charlotte attended the Houghton horse trials.

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