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Chief Keef

Chief Keef, whose birth name is Keith Cozart, was born on August 15, 1995. The rapper grew up on the crime-ridden streets of Chicago’s Southside. He became a YouTube sensation with his song “Bang” in 2011, garnering 12 million plus views. The success of his track “I Don’t Like” landed him a deal with Interscope Records and caught the attention of Kanye West. Keef became the CEO of his own record label called Glory Boyz Entertainment, a.k.a. Glo Gang. His debut alum, “Finally Rich,” was released in 2012 and his sophomore album, “Bang 3,” hit stores in 2015. He’s collaborated with the likes of 50 Cent, Young Jeezy, Gucci Mane, French Montana, A$AP Rocky, and more. Keef, who also goes by the nickname Sosa, has five children with four or five different women. His fifth baby, a boy born in August 2015, is named Sno Filmon Dot Com Cozart, to promote Keef’s record “Bang 3” with the company FilmOn Entertainment. The CEO of the company later released a statement that due to a paternity dispute, the record label was denying the parents the right to name the child using the brand identity. Keef is also father to daughters Kayden Kash “Kay Kay” and Kimora and son Krüe Karter. He has had ongoing child support drama. It is unclear what he named his fourth child. Keef’s had numerous run-ins with the law for DUI, drug possession, and armed robbery and spent time in rehab.

Chief Keef's a Father Again Because Judge Says So

Chief Keef
Judge Says ... You Are the Father!

Chief Keef's taking paternity cases to a new level -- the rapper's been named the daddy without ever taking a DNA test.    According to docs obtained by TMZ, a judge went all Maury by… READ MORE >

Chief Keef Offers Marijuana Edible Smuggling Advice After Getting Busted

Chief Keef
Here's My Advice On Smuggling Marijuana Edibles

Chief Keef knows why he got busted at a South Dakota airport ... problem is he should've figured this out BEFORE he tried to board a plane. The rapper was at LAX Wednesday when we asked him… READ MORE >

- 179 days ago
Chief Keef Arrested in South Dakota With Weed and Paraphernalia

Chief Keef
Arrested in South Dakota For Weed and Paraphernalia

Chief Keef was busted at an airport in South Dakota after forgetting he had drugs on him. Chief was arrested before getting on a plane in Sioux Falls early Monday morning after authorities… READ MORE >

- 182 days ago
Chief Keef's Not Worried About Arrest Warrant, 'Tell 'Em to Come Get Me' (VIDEO)

Chief Keef
About That Arrest Warrant Tell the Po-Po to Come Get Me!

Chief Keef doesn't think he's going to jail despite there being a warrant out for his arrest in Miami after he was a no-show this week in court. We got the "I Don't Like" rapper out in L.A.… READ MORE >

- 221 days ago
Chief Keef Does NOT Set Reminder, Now Wanted in Miami

Chief Keef
Arrest Warrant Issued in Miami ... Set a Reminder, Bro!

Chief Keef failed to set an alarm or reminder on his phone -- that's gotta be what happened -- and as a result there's a warrant out in Miami for his arrest ... TMZ has learned. The rapper… READ MORE >

- 223 days ago
Chief Keef Charged With DUI After Miami Weed Bust (MUG SHOT + VIDEO)

Chief Keef
Charged With DUI After Miami Weed Bust

Chief Keef has been charged with a DUI after cops pulled him over in a traffic stop-turned-drug bust this weekend. According to the Miami Beach Police report ... Chief was booked Saturday for… READ MORE >

- 246 days ago
Chief Keef Busted By Cops In Miami Beach (VIDEOS)

Chief Keef
Detained By Cops In Miami Beach After Possible Weed Bust

Chief Keef was just cuffed by Miami Beach cops after a traffic stop that led to a drug investigation. Law enforcement sources tell us Keef was driving a green Lamborghini when his passenger… READ MORE >

- 247 days ago
Chief Keef Has Terrible Advice for Drivers who Smoke Weed (VIDEO)

Chief Keef
Terrible Advice for Drivers Who Smoke Weed

Do not follow Chief Keef's advice ... repeat, do not follow Chief Keef's advice. We got the 21-year-old rapper at LAX Friday and he proudly displayed the driver's license he just got, even though… READ MORE >

- 261 days ago
Chief Keef Now Legal to Drive Fleet of Cars (PHOTOS)

Chief Keef
I'm Finally Legal To Get Behind the Wheel!

Chief Keef is free to drive around without fear of getting pulled over ... for unlicensed driving, anyway. The 21-year-old rapper just got his California state drivers license -- which is pretty… READ MORE >

- 272 days ago
Chief Keef Nearly Cracks Skull in Stage Fall, Court Trouble Lurking? (VIDEOS)

Chief Keef
Nearly Cracks Skull in Stage Fall ... Court Trouble Lurking?

Chief Keef took a leap onstage that turned into him taking a huge dive offstage ... and coming dangerously close to busting his ass and his head. If not for the speedy reflexes of a dude working… READ MORE >

- 290 days ago
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