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Daz Dillinger

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Daz Dillinger was born on May 25, 1973 in Long Beach, California, USA as Delmar Arnaud.  See full bio on IMDb »

Daz Dillinger Arrested for Marijuana Possession, Facing 13 Felony Counts

Daz Dillinger
Facing 13 Felony Charges After Home Drug Bust

9/27 6:36 PM PT -- The full list of items taken after the search of Dillinger's home include "5 cigarillo packets containing suspected marijuana, 2 grinders, mason jar with suspected marijuana,… READ MORE >

Daz Dillinger Crips Threat Investigation Going Nowhere

Daz Dillinger
Cops Say Crips Threat Was Empty

First, Kanye West was in the clear, and now Daz Dillinger's good to go too ... because cops don't think his call to have Crips attack Ye was serious at all. As we first reported, the L.A. County… READ MORE >

- 196 days ago
Kanye West in the Clear, Crips Threat Lifted

Kanye West
Crips Have No Beef ... Daz's Violent Threat Lifted

Kanye West can stop looking over his shoulder, if he ever was, because the Crips have no interest in kicking his ass, no matter what Daz Dillinger says ... TMZ has learned. Multiple sources in Tha… READ MORE >

- 197 days ago
Matt Barnes Says Kanye Needs to Take Gang Threats Seriously

Kanye West
Needs to Take Gang Threats Seriously ... Says Matt Barnes

Kanye West shouldn't just laugh off gang threats in L.A. ... so says Matt Barnes who says the real gangsters in Los Angeles don't mess around.  The ex-NBA star was leaving Catch when we… READ MORE >

- 203 days ago
Daz Dillinger Says Cops Stopped Him Over Kanye Threat

Daz Dillinger
Cops Hasslin' Me Over Kanye ... Did You Call 'Em, Kris?

Daz Dillinger's call for the Crips to beat down Kanye West got him stopped by cops Tuesday in Los Angeles ... but he says he's not backing down. Tha Dogg Pound rapper was walking past a slew of… READ MORE >

- 204 days ago
Daz Dillinger Now in Crosshairs of Cops after Crips Threat Against Kanye

Daz Dillinger
In the Crosshairs of Cops ... After Crips Threat Against Kanye

Daz Dillinger is now on the radar of the L.A. County Sheriff's Dept., after his call to the Crips to pay a not-so-friendly visit to Kanye West. TMZ called the Sheriff's Dept. Monday to ask if… READ MORE >

- 204 days ago
The Game Says Daz Dillinger's Crip Threat to Kanye Is Real

The Game
Watch Your Back, Ye ... Daz Ain't Playing with Crip Threat

The Game doesn't think Kanye West shouldn't take Daz Dillinger's Crip threat lightly -- 'cause he says his brother from another color means business. We got the Blood-affiliated MC Monday night… READ MORE >

- 204 days ago
Eric Benet Says Kanye Can't Assume He's Safe From Crips in Calabasas

Eric Benet to Kanye West
When the Crips Are on Your Ass Even Calabasas Isn't Safe

Eric Benet really WANTS to say Kanye West doesn't have to worry about Crips catching up with him in Calabasas -- but you can tell, he's just too unsure to actually say it. We got the… READ MORE >

- 205 days ago
Daz Dillinger Wants the Crips to 'F*** Up' Kanye West

Daz Dillinger
I Want the Crips to 'F*** Up' Kanye!!!

Kanye West is now a marked man -- Tha Dogg Pound rapper Daz Dillinger put the call out for the Crips to beat Kanye's ass. Daz's video putting gang members on alert for Kanye is the most severe… READ MORE >

- 205 days ago
Daz Dillinger Talks Lil Peep and Hip-Hop's Prescription Pill Epidemic

Daz Dillinger
Lil Peep Is a Warning ... Rx Pills Are Epidemic in Rap!!!

Daz Dillinger says Lil Peep's death should set off alarms -- prescription pill addiction isn't just a problem in hip-hop, it's part of the culture. We got Tha Dogg Pound legend at LAX Thursday,… READ MORE >

- 370 days ago
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