Daz Dillinger Cops Say Crips Threat Was Empty

5/9/2018 10:39 AM PDT

Daz Dillinger Crips Threat Investigation Going Nowhere


First, Kanye West was in the clear, and now Daz Dillinger's good to go too ... because cops don't think his call to have Crips attack Ye was serious at all.

As we first reported, the L.A. County Sheriff's Dept. was looking into the video Daz posted last week, putting a green light on Kanye. There was a chance he could have faced criminal charges for threats.

Law enforcement sources tell us Daz has nothing to worry about. Investigators checked out the clip, and quickly determined the investigation was going nowhere. One source referred to Daz's video as idle "bar room talk," and hardly a serious threat.

We're guessing the Crips would agree with that assessment because, as we told you ... the so-called threat's been lifted