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El Chapo

Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman ran a drug trafficking operation in Mexico known as the Sinaloa cartel. He was first arrested in 1993, but escaped from prison in 2001 while serving a 20 year sentence. He eluded authorities for many years until he was captured again in 2014. He found a way out through an underground tunnel in July 2015. Guzman was known to fancy prostitutes and gave them cell phones. The DEA and Mexican authorities used the signal to track him. In hopes of luring actress Kate del Castillo into bed, he granted her and actor Sean Penn an exclusive interview for “Rolling Stone” magazine in October 2015. El Chapo was caught once again in January 2016 during a shootout with Mexican naval forces. Penn denies having anything to do with his capture, insisting they met months before in a different location than where he was found. Guzman was extradited to the United States in January 2017. He will go to trial in April 2018 on 17 counts including drug trafficking, murder, and kidnapping charges. Guzman married Californian born former beauty queen Emma Coronel Aispuro on her 18th birthday. He already had two wives he was not divorced from. He and Emma have twin daughters, Maria Joaquina and Emali Guadalupe, who were born in the United States. He has a total of 19 children with at least six other women.

Miguel Welcomes El Chapo to his Fan Club!! (VIDEO)

Welcomes El Chapo to his Fan Club

Miguel knows better than to diss El Chapo, and proved it when we put him on the spot with a hypothetical pregunta. The singer -- who's half black, half Mexican -- was at LAX Tuesday… READ MORE >

El Chapo's Been Ordered to Stop Whining and Get to Love Writing

Judge to El Chapo
Stop Your Bitching Write Love Letters Instead!!

El Chapo's gotta stop his whining and get in touch with his softer side ... with a little love letter writing. That's what a federal judge basically said in a new order after the drug lord bitched… READ MORE >

- 166 days ago
Demian Bichir Says El Chapo's Fortune Should NOT Build the Wall, Give to the People! (VIDEO)

Demian Bichir
Do NOT Spend Chapo's Loot on the Wall!! Here's a Better Idea ...

Demian Bichir says Senator Ted Cruz is outta his damn mind to propose El Chapo's billions fund President Trump's wall. When we got the Mexican-born actor at LAX Wednesday,… READ MORE >

- 174 days ago
Ted Cruz Introduces Bill to Use El Chapo's Drug Money to Pay for Border Wall (PHOTO)

Ted Cruz
El Chapo Should Pay For the Wall Let's Make it a Law!

Ted Cruz has the perfect solution on how to pay for Donald Trump's border wall ... pass a law to use El Chapo's billions and loot from other lords to underwrite construction. The Texas… READ MORE >

- 175 days ago
El Chapo Pissed Prison Won't Let Him Get Fit While Watching TV

El Chapo
No Mas Rhino! Demands Prison TV Change

El Chapo's got one question for NY prison officials -- can't a Mexican drug lord stay in shape while watching some quality TV? So far, he says the answer is no. Chapo's attorneys filed new docs,… READ MORE >

- 183 days ago
El Chapo Pissed He Can't Pray His Way in Prison

El Chapo
Drug Lords Need Jesus Too!

El Chapo -- the notorious drug lord who reigned over the world's most dangerous cartel -- is PISSED he can't properly pray in prison. Chapo's lawyers fired off a letter to the judge outlining… READ MORE >

- 201 days ago
Feds Want to Root Out Moles On El Chapo's Legal Team

El Chapo
Feds Want to Root Out Moles On Legal Team

El Chapo could compromise hundreds, possibly thousands of federal drug investigations with a well-placed mole on his legal team ... that's the fear of federal officials. We've learned Chapo's… READ MORE >

- 210 days ago
El Chapo Says He's Going Stir-Crazy in Solitary

El Chapo
I'm Going Stir-Crazy in Solitary Put Me with the Other Guys

El Chapo's lawyers claim their client is being treated inhumanely by essentially locking him up in solitary confinement and throwing away the key ... and they want him moved to the prison's… READ MORE >

- 218 days ago
Kate del Castillo Could Get Hologram Stand-In in Mexico Due to El Chapo Fallout

Kate del Castillo
Send My Hologram to Mexico! I Won't Go Due to El Chapo

Kate del Castillo's fear of an El Chapo related backlash, and possible jail time, is forcing the actress to bail on her Netflix event -- but a hologram might save the day. Sources close to the… READ MORE >

- 218 days ago
El Chapo Obsessed with Celebrity Status

El Chapo
Obsessed with Celebrity Status

El Chapo -- the notorious drug lord once the subject of a worldwide manhunt -- is worried sick in his prison cell over -- READY FOR THIS?! -- his celebrity status ... NOT his criminal case.… READ MORE >

- 218 days ago
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