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Georges St-Pierre

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Georges St-Pierre was born on May 19, 1981 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He is an actor and producer, known for UFC 79: Nemesis (2007), The Striking Truth 3D (2010) and UFC 69: Shootout (2007).  See full bio on IMDb »

UFC's Tyron Woodley Calls Out GSP to His Face, 'Fight Me Already'

UFC's Tyron Woodley
Calls Out GSP to His Face ... 'Fight Me Already'

Tyron Woodley just put Georges St-Pierre on the spot -- telling the UFC legend straight to his face ... LET'S FIGHT ALREADY!!! GSP appeared on "The Hollywood Beatdown" where Tyron congratulated… READ MORE >

Georges St-Pierre on Conor McGregor Fight: Don't Rule It Out!

GSP on McGregor Fight
Don't Rule It Out!!

Georges St-Pierre says a superfight vs. Conor McGregor is possible ... but not until after he fights Robert Whitaker. Fresh off his victory at UFC 217, GSP joined the guys on the "TMZ Sports" TV… READ MORE >

- 254 days ago
Dana White: Conor McGregor vs. GSP? 'Never Say Never'

Dana White:
Conor McGregor Vs. GSP? ... 'Never Say Never'

Another super fight for Conor McGregor??? Dana White says he won't rule out a throwdown with Georges St. Pierre.  Look, it ain't happening anytime soon ... White says he's got specific… READ MORE >

- 255 days ago
Travis Barker Says Georges St-Pierre Is Boring & Hopes He Loses!

Travis Barker
Georges St-Pierre Is Boring ... I Hope He Loses!!!

If Georges St-Pierre beats Michael Bisping, it's gonna be a REALLY boring fight -- which is why rock legend Travis Barker is hoping The Count lights up GSP at UFC 217.  Here's the deal ...… READ MORE >

- 261 days ago
Michael Bisping Denies Gym Fight Allegations, 'Completely Inaccurate'

Michael Bisping
Denies Gym Fight Allegations ...'Completely Inaccurate'

Michael Bisping is calling BS on the man suing him for an alleged choke attack at an Anaheim gym ... saying the allegations are "completely inaccurate." TMZ Sports broke the story ... Bisping is… READ MORE >

- 268 days ago
GSP vs. Bisping: Threats, Cussing, Insults In Backstage Standoff

GSP vs. Bisping
Threats, Cussing, Insults ... In Backstage Standoff

Things got even crazier than we thought between GSP and Michael Bisping -- with both men threatening to knock the other out during a crazy heated showdown backstage at a UFC 217 media… READ MORE >

- 281 days ago
GSP Blows Up on Michael Bisping Backstage: 'Don't Touch Me!'

Backstage Blow-Up ... 'Don't Touch Me!'

Georges St-Pierre UNLOADED on Michael Bisping in a backstage confrontation today ... warning the champ to never put his hands on him again after their UFC 217 media event in Toronto.… READ MORE >

- 281 days ago
Michael Bisping: What's New with GSP? He's Finally Off Steroids!

Michael Bisping
What's New with GSP? He's Finally Off Steroids!

What's new with returning UFC superstar Georges St-Pierre??  He's FINALLY OFF 'ROIDS -- so says Michael Bisping ... who wasted no time trashing GSP at their UFC 217 media event… READ MORE >

- 288 days ago
Freddie Roach Teases Conor McGregor vs. GSP Super Fight, UFC Says 'No'

Freddie Roach
Teases Conor vs. GSP Super Fight ... UFC Says 'No'

Legendary boxing trainer Freddie Roach is currently working with Georges St-Pierre -- and he may have just dropped a huge bombshell about GSP's future fighting plans. Maybe.  Roach was… READ MORE >

- 289 days ago
Tyron Woodley: So, Me & Georges St-Pierre Walk Into a Gym ...

Tyron Woodley
So, Me & GSP Walk into a Gym ... Here's What Went Down

Ever wonder what happens when UFC champions randomly bump into the guys they've been calling out? That's exactly what happened to Tyron Woodley on his recent trip to Vegas ... when a visit… READ MORE >

- 328 days ago
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