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Georges St-Pierre

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Georges St-Pierre was born on May 19, 1981 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He is an actor and producer, known for UFC 79: Nemesis (2007), The Striking Truth 3D (2010) and UFC 69: Shootout (2007).  See full bio on IMDb »

Tyron Woodley: Georges St. Pierre's Scared I'd Hurt Him Bad

Tyron Woodley
GSP's 'Scared' Of Me I'll Hurt Him Bad

Tyron Woodley says Georges St-Pierre is ducking him because he "doesn't want to come in and take the concussion" -- in other words, "HE'S SCARED." Woodley called out GSP after his UFC… READ MORE >

UFC's Tyron Woodley Doesn't Respect Georges St-Pierre, Fight Me Already!

UFC's Tyron Woodley
Hey, Georges St-Pierre ... Fight Me Already!

Tyron Woodley wants big fights -- and he's not afraid to name names ... telling TMZ Sports he wants a piece of Georges St-Pierre if he can't get Conor McGregor. The UFC welterweight champ… READ MORE >

- 453 days ago
UFC's Michael Bisping Says Georges St-Pierre's Tiny Balls Are Holding Up Fight (VIDEO)

UFC's Michael Bisping
GSP's Tiny Balls Are Holding Up Our Superfight

Michael Bisping says there are two little things holding up his superfight with Georges St-Pierre ... GSP's testicles. The reigning UFC middleweight champ tells TMZ Sports he's ready to fight… READ MORE >

- 462 days ago
Nick Diaz Calls Out Michael Bisping For Ducking Him (VIDEO)

Nick Diaz
Bisping's a Chicken ... He's Duckin' Me

Nick Diaz says Michael Bisping and Georges St-Pierre are STUPID for not fighting him -- telling TMZ Sports he'd make them both a lot of money ... but they're too chicken to take the match. … READ MORE >

- 497 days ago
Michael Bisping Disses Tyron Woodley's UFC 209 Win (VIDEO)

Michael Bisping
Tyron's Win Wasn't Really a Win ... Which Means GSP is Dead!

Michael Bisping thinks Tyron Woodley's win over Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson was pretty pathetic ... which bodes well for his own fight against Georges St-Pierre. We got the middleweight… READ MORE >

- 499 days ago
Michael Bisping: I'd Beat Georges St-Pierre With A Hangover (VIDEO)

Michael Bisping
I'd Beat GSP Hungover GSP: 'Are You Drunk Right Now?!'

Could a hammered drunk Michael Bisping BEAT UP a sober Georges St-Pierre??? We almost found out live in Vegas moments ago when the two started trashing each other to their faces ... and it was… READ MORE >

- 501 days ago
Michael Bisping Says GSP's 'Out of His F'ing Mind' ... I'll Smash Him (VIDEO)

Michael Bisping
GSP's 'Out of His F'ing Mind' ... I'll Smash Him

Michael Bisping says Georges St-Pierre is straight-up CRAZY if he thinks he'll be able to "stroll off the couch" after a 3 year break and beat him ... adding, "The guy's out of his f**king… READ MORE >

- 502 days ago
Michael Bisping Promised to Fight GSP with ONE ARM! (VIDEO)

Michael Bisping
Promised to Fight GSP With ONE ARM!

Now that Dana White has confirmed Michael Bisping will fight Georges St-Pierre ... here's your friendly reminder that Bisping promised to beat down GSP ... with ONE ARM!! We spoke with Bisping… READ MORE >

- 503 days ago
Dana White Confirms ... Georges St-Pierre Fighting Michael Bisping!

Dana White Confirms
Georges St-Pierre Fighting Michael Bisping!

It's official ... Georges St-Pierre WILL fight Michael Bisping for the 185 pound title! UFC honcho Dana White just announced a deal was made over a recent dinner in Las Vegas ... and says the… READ MORE >

- 503 days ago
Tyron Woodley Says He's The Greatest UFC Welterweight Ever ... Better Than GSP (VIDEO)

Tyron Woodley
I'm The Greatest UFC Welterweight Ever ... Better Than Georges St-Pierre

Tyron Woodley says he's the greatest UFC welterweight EVER ... better than Georges St-Pierre ... and he won't stop kicking ass until he's proved it to the entire world. Woodley -- the… READ MORE >

- 514 days ago
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