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Jalen Ramsey

Jalen Ramsey Goes Off On J.R. Smith, 'Get the Strap!'

Jalen Ramsey
Goes Off On J.R. Smith ... 'Get the Strap!'

NFL star Jalen Ramsey basically spoke for everyone Thursday night when J.R. Smith brain-farted at the end of the NBA Finals ... questioning how the hell Smith screwed up so badly! With the game… READ MORE >

Josh Allen Says Jalen Ramsey's Trash Talk Doesn't Faze Me

Josh Allen
Jalen Ramsey's Trash Talk Doesn't Faze Me

Buffalo Bills rookie QB Josh Allen ain't jawing back at Jalen Ramsey ... in fact, he's combating Jalen's trash talk with one of the nicest compliments you can give.  Just last week, Ramsey… READ MORE >

- 64 days ago
Jalen Ramsey Deletes Tweet Clowning Bills QB Josh Allen

Jalen Ramsey
Clowns Bills QB Josh Allen ... Deletes Tweet

It's only May ... and Jalen Ramsey is already trying to get into Josh Allen's head!  The Jacksonville Jaguars star saw some video of the Buffalo Bills QB taking his first snaps during… READ MORE >

- 70 days ago
Jalen Ramsey Slams Texas A&M & Jimbo Fisher, You Taught Me Nothing!

Jalen Ramsey
Slams Texas A&M & Jimbo Fisher ... You Taught Me Nothing!

Jacksonville Jaguars star Jalen Ramsey has a serious problem with Texas A&M using his image to recruit players -- and he's demanding the school cut that crap out, ASAP. The beef started Monday… READ MORE >

- 143 days ago
Jalen Ramsey Hoop-Shames Jags Teammate, 'Worst Basketball Player Ever'

Jalen Ramsey
Hoop-Shames Jags Teammate 'Worst Basketball Player Ever'

Man, Telvin Smith sucks at basketball ... and Jalen Ramsey's video proves it.  Look, Telvin is an absolute beast on the football field -- the Jacksonville Jaguars linebacker made the Pro… READ MORE >

- 162 days ago
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