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Melania Trump

Courtney Stodden Does Melania Trump for Halloween, Accent and All

Melania Trump
As Presented by Courtney Stodden (Sorry, Slovenia)

Here's a scary thought -- "Ladies and gentlemen, please stand for First Lady Courtney Stodden." Yes, Melania Trump just got Stodden'd. The wannabe Hollywood starlet slipped into a wig, false… READ MORE >

President Trump Drops Falso Spanish Accent to Show Love for Puerto Rico

El Presidente
Te Amamos Puerrrto Rico!! (Like, Mucho Mucho)

Not sure if President Trump made things better or worse in the Puerto Rico department after an awkward/offensive attempt at a Spanish accent. The Prez and Melania attended a White House ceremony… READ MORE >

- 44 days ago
Las Vegas Shooting Victim Meets President Trump, Stands on Shot Up Leg

Las Vegas Mass Shooting
President Trump's Visit Gets Victim Up on Shot Leg

President Trump's visit to a Las Vegas hospital got one of the mass shooting victims to stand at attention ... even on his injured leg. Thomas Gunderson is one of the victims the President and… READ MORE >

- 45 days ago
President Trump to Puerto Rico ... Thanks for Screwing Up Our Budget

Prez Trump to Puerto Rico
Thanks for Screwing Our Budget!!!

President Trump touched down in Puerto Rico, and promptly took a metaphorical crap all over the hurricane-ravaged island. Trump, flanked by Melania and the island's Gov. Ricardo Rossello, held a… READ MORE >

- 47 days ago
White House Lights Up in Pink to Kick Off Breast Cancer Awareness Month

White House
Lights Up in Pink For Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The White House became a pink house Sunday to raise awareness for breast cancer ... and Melania Trump's got a great view. In honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month we lit the @WhiteHouse… READ MORE >

- 48 days ago
Barron Trump Portrait Headed to the White House

Barron Trump
My Portrait's Headed to the White House!!!

Barron Trump is getting what may be a First Kid's first ... an unofficial portrait with doting daddy, Donald that's destined for The White House. TMZ broke the story ...… READ MORE >

- 84 days ago
President Trump Stares Directly at Solar Eclipse Without Glasses, Despite Ivanka's Warning

President Trump
Burning Curiosity for Solar Eclipse ... Ivanka Warns Otherwise

President Trump might have fried his eyes, 'cause he looked right at the solar eclipse without special glasses ... even though his daughter, Ivanka, did a PSA for just that. Trump was seen… READ MORE >

- 89 days ago
President Trump Left Hanging by Poland's First Lady

President Trump
Swing and A Miss! Polish First Lady Leaves Him Hanging

President Trump enjoyed a great Polish dish ... sorry, make that a diss ... courtesy of the country's first lady. Melania and POTUS arrived in Poland Thursday and after a ceremony, stood onstage… READ MORE >

- 136 days ago
Donald & Melania Trump Portraits on the Way to White House

Donald & Melania Trump
Portraits On the Way to White House

Donald and Melania Trump's portraits are already making their way to the White House, courtesy of Congressman Mike Kelly, but not the official ones. The portraits are a surprise gift from one… READ MORE >

- 141 days ago
Congressman Steve Scalise's Condition Still Critical, More Surgeries Needed

Rep. Steve Scalise
Still Critical Needs More Surgeries

GOP House Whip Steve Scalise is still in critical condition at the hospital after being shot by James T. Hodgkinson during the congressional baseball practice. Scalise suffered a single rifle shot… READ MORE >

- 157 days ago
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