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Simone Biles

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Simone Biles was born on March 14, 1997 in Columbus, Ohio, USA as Simone Arianne Biles. She is an actress, known for The Ellen DeGeneres Show (2003), Rio 2016 Olympic Games Closing Ceremony (2016) and AT&T American Cup (2015).  See full bio on IMDb »

Simone Biles' Boyfriend Box Jumps Her Height

Simone Biles' BF
Box Jumps Biles!!! ... Simone Mildly Impressed

Ever jump clear over YOUR OWN GIRLFRIEND for fun? Guessing the answer is, "hell no" -- unless you're Simone Biles' BF, Stacey Ervin Jr.  Here's Stacey -- a former Team USA gymnast -- and… READ MORE >

Simone Biles to Larry Nassar Judge: 'You Are My Hero'

Simone Biles
to Larry Nassar Judge: 'You Are My Hero'

Simone Biles is giving the judge who signed Larry Nassar's "death warrant" a big, public thank you ... telling her, "YOU ARE MY HERO" for sentencing the ex-Team USA doc to 175 years in… READ MORE >

- 238 days ago
Larry Nassar's Victims Speak In Court, Here's Why You're a Scumbag

Larry Nassar
Victims Speak in Court (Day 4) Here's Why You're a Scumbag

The victims of Larry Nassar are continuing their impact statements on Friday ... telling the disgraced ex-Team USA doctor to his face why he's a piece of human garbage.  Nassar sexually… READ MORE >

- 246 days ago
Simone Biles Says Larry Nassar Sexually Assaulted Her Too

Simone Biles
Larry Nassar Sexually Assaulted Me Too

Simone Biles says she was also sexually assaulted by Team USA gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar -- and is now ready to go public with her story.  The 20-year-old phenom -- who was a key member… READ MORE >

- 247 days ago
Simone Biles Mastered Texans Cheerleader Playbook in Less Than 3 Days

Simone Biles
Mastered All Our Moves in 2-3 Days! ... Says Texans Cheerleader

In case you weren't already impressed by Simone Biles' cheerleading debut for the Houston Texans, get this -- it took the gymnast just DAYS to master the squad's whole routine!! "She learned… READ MORE >

- 282 days ago
Simone Biles Crushes Texans Cheerleading Debut, Mostly

Simone Biles
Crushes Texans Cheerleading Debut ... Mostly

Here it is ... video of Simone Biles' DEBUT as a Houston Texans cheerleader -- and it's awesome!! The Team USA gymnastics superstar grabbed her pom-poms and hit the sidelines with the team on… READ MORE >

- 282 days ago
Simone Biles: 1st Shots As NFL Cheerleader, Go Texans!!!

Simone Biles
1st Shots As NFL Cheerleader ... Go Texans!!

Simone Biles is just days away from making her debut as a Houston Texans cheerleader -- and TMZ Sports has the first shots of the Team USA star in action!  Here's the deal ... a couple… READ MORE >

- 285 days ago
Gabby Douglas Says U.S. Team Doctor Larry Nassar Abused Her, Too

Gabby Douglas
Team USA Doctor Abused Me, Too ... I Wasn't Victim Shaming!

Gabby Douglas just announced that she, too, was abused by her former team doctor, Larry Nassar ... this after 2 other U.S. gymnasts claimed the same thing. Gabby issued a statement Tuesday which… READ MORE >

- 302 days ago
Simone Biles Blasts Gabby Douglas: Don't Victim Shame Aly Raisman!

Simone Biles
Blasts Gabby Douglas Don't Victim Shame Aly Raisman!

5:00 PM PT -- Gabby has pulled a near 180, saying she didn't word her reply correctly and "regardless of what you wear, abuse under any circumstance is never acceptable." She's also apologized… READ MORE >

- 305 days ago
Simone Biles Drugged Up After Surgery, Watch Me Whip!

Simone Biles
Drugged Up After Surgery ... Watch Me Whip!

The wisest part of getting your wisdom teeth removed is having someone record you when you're coming down off the drugs ... and Simone Biles knows it! The Team USA Olympic gymnast hit the oral… READ MORE >

- 419 days ago
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