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Tyga was born on November 19, 1989 in Compton, California, USA as Micheal Ray Stevenson.  See full bio on IMDb »

PnB Rock to Tyga: I'm Coming For Kylie!! (VIDEO)

PnB Rock to Tyga
I'm Coming for Kylie!!

Rapper PnB Rock's down to pull the robbery on Tyga ... he's obsessed with Kylie Jenner. PnB was at LAX Tuesday spittin' game at Kylie and clearly he couldn't care less she's with Tyga.… READ MORE >

The Kardashian Gang's Back Together For Movie Night (PHOTO GALLERY)

The Kardashians
The Gang's Back Together For Movie Night

Kim, Kanye, Kourtney, Kylie, Tyga, Caitlyn and even reclusive Rob all did movie night Monday in the Valley ... the first time they've been all spotted together in public for a while. Their film of… READ MORE >

- 45 days ago
Tyga Loses Again in Court ... Socked with Judgment for Overclubbing in Vegas

Loses Court Battle for Overclubbing in Vegas

Tyga was just ordered to pay the steepest cover charge EVER for club-hopping in Vegas ... all because he flaked on a lawsuit. Tyga got hit for nearly $65,000 in a case where a promoter sued him… READ MORE >

- 52 days ago
Tyga Sued for Ordering His Crew to Beat a Process Server

Tyga Sued
You Got Served ... Then Your Goons Served Me a Beating!!!

Tyga's got lawsuits on top of lawsuits to deal with ... the latest filed by a process server who got beat after handing him some legal docs. You'll recall Tyga was served as he walked into his… READ MORE >

- 80 days ago
The Kardashians Can't Escape U.S. Customs After Costa Rica Trip (PHOTOS)

The Kardashians
Return to New World Order

The Kardashians got a knock from a narc before officially touching US soil. Kourtney, Kris, Kylie and Tyga returned after a short trip in Costa Rica but had to deal with U.S. Customs agents… READ MORE >

- 87 days ago
Kylie Jenner Plays Stepmom By Day, Half-Naked By Night (VIDEO + PHOTO)

Kylie Jenner
Stepmom By Day, Half-Naked By Night

Kylie Jenner's turning into a regular juggling act, taking on stepmom duties by day and her usual red carpet gigs by night. Kylie rolled out of an L.A. Toys "R" Us Tuesday afternoon with… READ MORE >

- 107 days ago
Kylie Jenner Gets Her Stepmom On in Killer Onepiece (PHOTOS)

Kylie Jenner
Ay Step Mami! Tyga's Son Vacays Too

Kylie Jenner is in the running for Mexico's top MILF this winter ... well, step-MILF. Turns out Tyga's son, King, is on vacay with his dad and KJ too. He was splashing around in the pool Wednesday… READ MORE >

- 113 days ago
Kylie Jenner Gives Tyga Handfuls of Booty in Mexico (PHOTO GALLERY)

Kylie Jenner
Her Ass Is On Vacay ... Tyga's Hands Working OT

When Kylie Jenner goes on vacation ... Tyga wins big time. So do we, come to think of it. KJ and Tyga are down at Joe Francis' famed estate in Punta Mita, Mexico ... and lounging by the pool.… READ MORE >

- 114 days ago
Kylie Jenner Gets a 'T' Tattoo on Left Ankle for Tyga (PHOTO)

Kylie Jenner
Goes Low for Tyga

Kylie Jenner 's carrying Tyga around in more ways than one ... check out the ankle. The lip and booty queen got the tattoo last month -- courtesy of celebrity tattoo artist Rafael Valdez… READ MORE >

- 118 days ago
Kylie Jenner and Tyga Sex Tape Is NOT Kylie Jenner (VIDEO)

Kylie Jenner
That's Not My Ass In Alleged Sex Tape

Stand down, Internet -- that video of Kylie Jenner supposedly banging Tyga in a bathroom, is NOT Kylie or Tyga. Everyone, calm down. Sources close to Kylie tell us she and her camp have seen the… READ MORE >

- 127 days ago
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