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Xzibit was born in Detroit, where he lived until his mother passed away when he was only nine years old. At the age of ten, he began to rap, very personally because of the loss of his mother. At the age of 14, he got into trouble and was removed from his home for two years after his father refused to have him there. Xzibit was released from the state on his own recognizance as an adult at 17. He did a little slangin' to get some money together and jumped into his jeep and headed toward LA, California. In 1992, Xzibit met with producer Broadway, through the group, Madcap. His first songs were "Freestyle Ghetto" on "King Tee IV Life", and after that he got on the Liks' "Coast ][ Coast" on the joints, "Hit and Run". He points to his mother, who was a writer, as his source of creativity. Xzibit's rhymes resonate because he speaks from the heart as an individual, rather than trying to portray a phony hip hop persona. He has lived through many dramatic times in his life, so he raps primarily about his own life experiences, and is not afraid to reveal himself on a track. Xzibit eventually found himself working with Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre, and helped on Dre's 2001. Through that work he became good friends with Dre, Snoop, Eminem, and others on the Aftermath staff. He is now a father, too.  See full bio on IMDb »

Xzibit Sues Construction Company for Screwing Up His New Pool

Xzibit Sues
I Hired You to Pimp My Backyard ... Now It's All Screwed Up!!!

Xzibit and his wife are gunning for the guys they hired to build them a luxurious backyard oasis ... claiming they screwed it all up, and didn't even finish the job. Xzibit says the folks at… READ MORE >

Xzibit Says Trump's More Racist Than White Sorority Chicks Singing N-Word

Trump's More Racist Than Sorority Singing N-Word

Xzibit is defending the white sorority chicks who went viral for singing the n-word, because he says they're small potatoes compared to what Prez Trump's been spewing. When we got X to the Z at… READ MORE >

- 123 days ago
Xzibit Shades 'Tackle My Ride,' I Ain't Watchin' That

Shades 'Tackle My Ride' ... I Ain't Watchin' That

The guy from "Pimp My Ride" says there's no chance in hell he's watching the NFL's car-customizing show, "Tackle My Ride" ... with Xzibit telling producers, "Good luck with that." Xzibit has had… READ MORE >

- 123 days ago
Xzibit -- I Do ... Plead Guilty to Wedding Day DUI

I Do ... Plead Guilty to Wedding Day DUI

It's til death do they part for Xzibit and his wife, but it's only three years probation for the rap star ... after he pled guilty to driving under the influence ... the night of his wedding… READ MORE >

- 952 days ago
Xzibit Charged with Wedding DUI

Charged with Wedding DUI

Rapper Xzbit -- who was arrested for DUI after his wedding reception -- will now have to tell a judge either "I do" or "I do not" plead guilty.Xzbit has just been charged with 2 counts of DUI, for… READ MORE >

- 1109 days ago
Xzibit Busted for DUI After Wedding ... I Look Good in Cuffs!

Busted for DUI After Wedding I Look Good in Cuffs!

Most people spend a fortune on wedding photogs, but Xzibit got his for free, courtesy of the police who took his mug shot after he got arrested for DUI immediately after his reception.Xzibit tied… READ MORE >

- 1147 days ago
Xzibit -- Throws Chair at Aussie Rapper in EPIC Meltdown

Throws Chair at Aussie Rapper in EPIC Meltdown

Screwing with Xzibit is not recommended -- 'cause the "Pimp My Ride" star chucked a STEEL CHAIR at another rapper's face ... allegedly over a cab ride!X to the Z was backstage at a… READ MORE >

- 1369 days ago
Xzibit -- USAir Tried To Get Me Arrested!!

USAir Tried To Get Me Arrested!!

Xzibit won't be pimping a damn thing for USAir anytime soon ... 'cause the rapper claims the airline called cops on him, and he's going HAM about the incident.Xzibit claims he was trying to use… READ MORE >

- 1767 days ago
Xzibit -- I Didn't Pimp My Taxes!

I Didn't Pimp My Taxes!

Yo dawg, Xzibit didn't pay all his taxes in 2011 ... so the federal government issued him a tax lien ... TMZ has learned. According to a lien filed with the Los Angeles County Recorder's Office,… READ MORE >

- 1941 days ago
Rapper Xzibit: 'Planking' Is RACIST!!!

Rapper Xzibit: 'Planking' Is RACIST!!!

It's the latest craze taking over the Internet -- lying face down in bizarre places, stiff as wood -- but rapper Xzibit is leading a new charge AGAINST "planking" ... claiming the practice has… READ MORE >

- 2390 days ago
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