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Zak Bagans

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A graduate of the Motion Picture Institute of Michigan, Bagans moved to Las Vegas to become a documentary filmmaker and explorer of the paranormal. Stated as an Empath to spirits, Bagans has created the #1 rated hit series on the Travel Channel, Ghost Adventures, as well as numerous other TV Shows and Films.  See full bio on IMDb »

Haunted Box that Cursed Post Malone Likely to Be Opened on Halloween

Post Malone
Haunted Curse Box To Be Opened on Halloween, If ...

The haunted box that seemed to curse Post Malone is about to see the light of day on Halloween, 'cause its new owner wants to take a peek inside ... but on one condition. "Ghost Adventures"… READ MORE >

Charles Manson's Bone Fragments Headed to Haunted Museum

Charles Manson
Bone Fragments Headed to Haunted Museum

This is creepy, even for Charles Manson -- the hospital gown the notorious murderer was wearing when he died, along with the coroner's toe tag and ALL of his bone fragments are… READ MORE >

- 62 days ago
Charles Manson's Blood & Ashes Painting Going to Haunted Museum

Charles Manson
Blood & Ashes Painting Reunited with His Teeth!!

The Charles Manson painting partially composed of his ashes is alive with paranormal energy ... according to Zak Bagans, who bucked up to snatch the creepy portrait for his haunted… READ MORE >

- 144 days ago
Zak Bagans Explains Why He Paid $28k for Naked Donald Trump Statue

Zak Bagans
$28k For a Naked Donald Trump? Here's Why It's Worth It ...

If you're thinking no one would pay $28k to see Donald Trump naked, think again because Zak Bagans did -- but wants to make it clear he's just in it for the history of it ... and maybe… READ MORE >

- 225 days ago
Post Malone Could Have a Career in Ghost Hunting, Says Zak Bagans

Post Malone
I'm a Natural-Born Ghost Hunter ... Just Ask Zak Bagans

Post Malone should consider hopping on the Travel Channel's payroll as a ghost hunter if he gets tired of music, 'cause he's got the gift ... so says Zak Bagans. The "Ghost Adventures" host tells… READ MORE >

- 340 days ago
Zak Bagans is the Scared New Owner of Dybbuk Box, 'World's Most Haunted Object' (PHOTOS)

Zak Bagans
'World's Most Haunted Object' is Mine Now ... But Don't Open It!!

Zak Bagans just scored the scariest piece of memorabilia to add to his twisted collection -- the original dybbuk box that inspired the movie "The Possession." The "Ghost Adventures" star tells TMZ… READ MORE >

- 651 days ago
Zak Bagans -- I Scored Michael Jackson's Propofol Chair! (VIDEO + PHOTO)

Zak Bagans
I Scored MJ's Propofol Chair!!!

Zak Bagans just added to his creepy collection of memorabilia and bought Michael Jackson's old chair ... from his death room. The chair was decor in MJ's Holmby Hills mansion ... and primarily… READ MORE >

- 728 days ago
Zak Bagans -- 'Demon House' Destroyed!!!

Zak Bagans
'Demon House' Destroyed!!!

"Ghost Adventurers" star Zak Bagans has closed a possible portal to Hell by demolishing his haunted house. Bagans had the Gary, Indiana crib bulldozed ... this after an encounter during… READ MORE >

- 1028 days ago
Zak Bagans -- I Bought  Dr. Kevorkian's Death Mobile!

Zak Bagans
I Bought Dr. Kevorkian's Death Mobile!

Zak Bagans is adding another twisted piece of history to his growing collection ... he's the proud owner of Dr. Jack Kevorkian's former mobile death assistance laboratory. Zak says when he heard… READ MORE >

- 1205 days ago
'Ghost Adventures' Star -- People Scare Me ... I'm Flipping Out

'Ghost Adventures' Star
People Scare Me ... I'm Flipping Out

There's only one thing that terrifies "Ghost Adventures" star Zak Bagans -- nosy neighbors ... so he's put his $2.6 mil Vegas mansion on the market. Our real estate sources say Bagans is… READ MORE >

- 1379 days ago
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