Charlie Sheen Addresses Denise's Allegations

4/24/2006 5:32 PM PDT

Charlie Sheen Addresses Denise's Allegations

Charlie Sheen has addressed the allegations made by his estranged wife, Denise Richards. She claims that, among other things, he threatened her life, hired prostitutes and frequented adult, gay websites.
Sheen told the television show 'EXTRA' that he was horrified by Richards' allegations, claiming he never threatened her. Sheen says Richards has violated their agreement to keep marital issues private and claims that many of her allegations are outright lies.

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Richards' Shocking Allegations Against Sheen
Richards obtained a restraining order against Sheen on Friday. The judge also ordered that his weekly visits with the couple's children be monitored.

Neal Hersh, Richards' lawyer, told TMZ Monday: "Denise filed this action after careful and considered deliberation. It was not done for any tactical or financial purpose but rather, as stated in her papers, it was done to protect the best interests of her children as well as herself."

Sheen and Richards are in the middle of what has become a contentious divorce.

To watch the full interview with Sheen, watch 'EXTRA' tonight and tomorrow. Check local listings for when 'EXTRA' airs.