Sheen Says Lies, Lies, Lies

5/3/2006 1:25 PM PDT

Sheen Says Lies, Lies, Lies

"I can't stand back and just be a whipping post," says the man accused of soliciting prostitutes, visiting adult websites and being a danger to his family. "I've never claimed to be a saint," says Charlie Sheen, "but I've also always dealt with the truth."

Responding to the legal declaration Denise Richards recently filed, Sheen says he is "disappointed but not surprised." He accuses Richards of distortion, extortion, harrassment and psychological terrorism. When confronted with the portrait Denise paints, Charlie defends himself by asking a simple question: "Why was I allowed any contact, on any level, with her or the children in the past year?"

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In this nine-minute interview with 'EXTRA''s Jerry Penacoli, Charlie lashes out at Denise for what he calls a "vile attack," but he has a harder time answering the question of how he would explain the situation to his daughters if they were old enough to understand. "Dad would not go there," says the father of two. "Dad's above that."

In an exclusive intereview Tuesday with TMZ, Richards says she stands by every allegation she made in her declaration.

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