Jesse McCartney's Very Public Oops

8/25/2006 7:15 PM PDT

Jesse McCartney's Very Public Oops

Jesse McCartney's "Beautiful Soul" must be feeling a lot of guilt today. And who can't sympathize with a guy who publicly sticks his foot in his mouth at the expense of a pop diva.

Jesse was a guest yesterday on the Steve and Vikki Morning show on Star 94 Atlanta. The interview was supposed to focus on promoting his new album, but it somehow took a detour onto the subject of Jennifer Lopez and her exit from the big-screen adaptation of the TV show "Dallas." Jesse is currently dating Katie Cassidy, who stars as Lucy Ewing in the film. So when Jesse told Steve and Vikki (and all of their listeners) that the reason Jen backed out of the role as Sue Ellen was because she was pregnant, everyone believed he had the real scoop. It now appears, however, that the teen crooner had no idea what he was talking about.

Jesse has just issued an apology to TMZ stating, "I have no first hand knowledge whether Jennifer Lopez is pregnant or not. I thought I had read it somewhere. I apologize."

Oops Jesse. Might want to check your facts before you start mouthing off on the air.