Dude Looks Like a Heather

9/5/2006 1:44 PM PDT

Dude Looks Like a Heather

David Spade performed his very own real-life "SNL" skit on the beach in Malibu this weekend.

In August, Spade was photographed by paparazzi walking on the beach with rumored girlfriend Heather Locklear.

On Sunday, Spade recreated those same pictures but with a slightly more, er, robust male friend standing in for Heather. The male Heather sports a black tank top and cowboy hat similar to Locklear's original ensemble, but with just a tad more hairy midriff showing.

While the original images featured the happy couple enjoying a leisurely stroll, the funny spoof photos take a more violent turn with the male Heather attacking Spade with a branch.

If Spade's parody ushers in a new trend, we can't wait to see how John Travolta re-envisions his most recent paparazzi photo op.