Jess Is in Hair Heaven

10/2/2006 1:36 PM PDT

Jess Is in Hair Heaven

How do gay men get all the hottest women in Hollywood? Ken Paves' secret -- through their hair.

A trifecta of single hotties - Jessica Simpson, Carmen Electra and Eva Longoria - were out in full force on Friday to support their hair stylist, Ken Paves, as he opened his new salon in Beverly Hills.

Notably absent from the festivities was Ken's other blonde client, Avril Lavigne, who could have been feeling a bit embarrassed after the spit-fest she held last week.

As Paves stood for photos with his lovely-locked ladies, he told photographers, "I think all the men are going to go to hair school now, they're gonna be like, damn, I wanna be a hairdresser, what the hell!"