P!nk Talks K!ds

10/4/2006 3:25 PM PDT

P!nk Talks K!ds

She might be a bad mutha f&@#*, but P!nk (aka Alecia Moore) admits she's not quite parent material just yet.

The singer, who recently married motocross star Carey Hart, says she's given motherhood a lot of thought, but she isn't quite ready to take on the role of "mom" just yet. "I think it's a responsibility to yourself first, who you want to be as a person, before you can be a parent or as you're becoming a parent ... If it's a 'whoops' then you're like 'oh s***, I've got a lot of work to do on myself before this child starts listening to me."

Well, P!nk definitely has audiences listening to her, especially in Europe where the singer has been getting rave reviews for her gravity-defying concert tour. "It's fun, especially when you can scare the crap out of everyone that's working on the tour every night," she says of her gravity-defying acrobatics.

P!nk's European tour is scheduled to conclude December 21 in Luxembourg.