The Sickest Bag in Hollywood

10/5/2006 2:25 PM PDT

The Sickest Bag in Hollywood

There are times when, no matter how big a Hollywood star you are, a Balenciaga or Birkin bag just won't do.

While it's relatively easy to find a bag when a last minute event comes up, celebs (and regular folks like us) now have a stylish alternative should their lunch at the Ivy suddenly come up!

Red E Bag is a chic, canvas bag created by Jodi and Jim Carr that one can discreetly use should an emergency like morning sickness or nausea suddenly strike. Just make sure the paparazzi aren't around.

The bags come in black and pink, are priced at under $20, and feature a removable black liner that can hold up to half a gallon of, er, liquid.

It's also a perfect gift for all those young starlets who often find themselves exhausted and dehydrated after long nights on the set...or at Hyde.

A portion of the October proceeds from the Red E Bag will go towards the National Breast Cancer Foundation.