She's a Dancin' Queen!

11/24/2006 2:10 PM PST

She's a Dancin' Queen!

What does Cheryl Burke do during the off season? --Mary

Mary, even though you may not be seeing Cheryl's name in lights, this girl never has an off season! The 22-year-old is currently in Hawaii with her family on a "much needed vacation." But it's back to the grind come Monday; she'll be rehearsing for the "Dancing with the Stars" tour, six days a week for nine hours each day! The tour kicks off December 19 in San Diego, where Cheryl will be reunited with Drew Lachey, her winning partner from season two.

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I heard that Mia Hamm is pregnant with twins. Do you know when she's due?

It's true, Alexis -- Mia Hamm and hubby Nomar Garciaparra of the L.A. Dodgers are pregnant and expecting twins! The announcement was made earlier this month, but did not state the sexes or due date for the twins. Mia, who retired from soccer in December 2004, has been focused on The Mia Hamm Foundation, dedicated to bone marrow research. Garciaparra is currently in the off season with the Dodgers. Maybe his allegiance to the team will have him thinking Dodger blue for the babies!

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Will Ellen DeGeneres' show be taping in Boston any time soon? --Kerri

Unfortunately, Kerri, we can't promise that Ellen will be stopping in Boston anytime soon. Ellen and her crew have been taping the show in New York all this week, so unless you're in the Big Apple, it might be awhile before you find yourself in the audience.

To find out when Ellen's on TV in your area, click here. Make sure not to miss today's show -- Matt Lauer and Meredith Vieira pop in!

Why can't I send an email to Rosie on "The View"? There's no address listed for her. --Michelle

Michelle, we're not sure why Rosie doesn't have an email address listed on ABC's website for "The View." Perhaps they haven't updated it yet, but she does have a section on her personal website -- -- where you can submit questions and see answers to other peoples' questions. Check it out -- it's pretty cool!

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Mandy Moore is such a talented young woman. Will she ever come out with another album? --Heather

Indeed, Heather, Mandy Moore is extremely talented. To prove it to you -- she's working on another album as we speak! It's a very organic pop record in the style of Joni Mitchell and Fleetwood Mac. There is no title just yet, but she does have a list of names being considered. Working on this album with her is producer John Alagia, who has worked with the likes of John Mayer and DMB! Expect this release sometime next year.

Also in the works for next year are a handful of movies including "Because I Said So," with Diane Keaton, and "License to Wed," with Robin Williams.

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