Gwen Stefani Says Hara-f**k-u to Fans

12/13/2006 2:50 PM PST

Gwen Stefani Says Hara-f**k-u to Fans

Gwen Stefani does not want you to holla for her -- she really, really doesn't.

A TMZ spy was in the audience for a taping of Gwen's appearance on MTV's New Year's Eve special, and he tells us that the fashionista-rocker didn't just ignore fans who were squealing with joy and encouragement, she tried to squelch them. "She would either turn away from the direction of the person complimenting her," says our source, "or she would make a 'cut it out' motion towards them."

Gwen also shielded her face from audience members as she darted from sound check to dressing room before the taping, says our spy. And she interrupted a take of her single "Wind It Up" because her fans were actually making noise when it started.

Perhaps Gwen's gotten rather too used to the mute Harajuku girls who accompany her performances.

A rep for Stefani says that he was at the taping, that the account of events is "news to" him, and that he doesn't think it happened.