Winona Caught (Paying for Clothes)

12/13/2006 4:20 PM PST

Winona Caught (Paying for Clothes)

Winona Ryder celebrated the five-year anniversary of her shoplifting arrest with -- what else? -- a shopping trip!

Ryder and an unidentified companion swept through a department store at the Beverly Center yesterday, trying to evade the glare of a cameraman's lens. Winona gets a rather wide-eyed look from one clerk while she handles a hanger, then has her friend carry the bags out of the store. We're assuming she paid for the Starbucks coffee with which she attempts to hide her face.

On December 12, 2001, Ryder was arrested at Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills for attempting to filch thousands of dollars worth of clothes and accessories. She was convicted of felony grand theft and vandalism, but the charges were later reduced to misdemeanors.

It's unclear whether the merchandise was pre-emptively chained to the rack prior to Ryder's arrival.