McConaughey's Wet Suit Workout

4/19/2007 3:51 PM PDT

McConaughey's Wet Suit Workout

Who needs a $68K personal trainer when you've got a stationary bike and a wet suit?

It appears that muscle man Matthew McConaughey prefers bare bones fitness routines over exorbitant "Sahara"-sized studio-funded workouts -- when they're on his dime!

Decked out in a stifling wetsuit, the cardio king kept his regime simple as he stretched, did some yoga and rode a stationary bike outside his Airstream compound in Malibu on Wednesday. Afterwards, Matthew slipped into something more comfortable and toasted the sunset with a male buddy. How sweet.

Matthew has been silent on reports of his lavish expenses, which helped drive his big-budget flop "Sahara" into the, er, sand. But by the looks of his rock hard, rippling bod, it was money well spent!